Shocking! Wife commits suicide after husband mocked Aamir Khan for his intolerance remarks

The whole Aamir Khan controversy about his intolerance remarks has gone a bit too far. He gave his official statement recently. Things have taken a serious turn where a case of a woman committing suicide due to a dispute with her husband over remarks by Aamir Khan has come in light.

The alleged suicide by one Sonam Pandey is being investigated by the Police and the family members have claimed that she took the extreme step as she was distressed by her husband’s comments mocking Khan.

Mayank (Sonam’s husband)’s father, RP Pandey said,

Sonam Pandey and her husband Mayank were talking about newspaper reports about Khan’s statement yesterday morning. My son poked fun at Sonam, saying what kind of man is the Bollywood star, who wants to settle abroad on the advice of his wife. Angered by her husband’s criticism of Khan, Sonam ran upstairs and locked herself inside a room.

After a while, she started screaming and, when Mayank went to her help, he found her vomiting. It appears she consumed some poisonous substance.

RP Pandey said that Sonam was rushed to the hospital, where she died later. Kotwali police station inspector Praful Shrivastava said they were “investigating the matter and will proceed accordingly”.

News information is sourced from PTI