Australian man wakes from coma, forgets English but speaks fluent Mandarin

The human brain is full of wonders. It it hard to believe when some of the scholars say that humans have utilized only 8% of their brains. Numerous of brain mysteries appear every now and then, few are answered, but a few remain enclosed in long lasting researches. One such story is of this Australian Ben McMahon, who studied Mandarin in high school, but admits that he was far from fluent. Then, after a car crash which left him in coma for a week, his parents thought he may never be able to come out of it.

Luckily Ben woke up from coma but something strange happened after that. He started speaking Mandarin fluently after he woke up from coma and it took him several days to regain his skills on English speaking abilities. Besides the Mandarin remains the same. Ben’s Mandarin-speaking friends say he is the best non-native speaker they have ever heard. He has co-hosted a Chinese TV show, led Mandarin tours of Melbourne, and is attending university in Shanghai where he now lives.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Pankaj Sah said that, “there is a likely explanation for what happened, but that it isn’t 100% provable”. Sah explains the brain is a mass of electrical circuits. McMahon’s English “circuits were damaged,” so when he woke up his “Mandarin circuits got engaged” like they never had before.

McMahon considers himself very blessed to have not only come out of the coma, but also to have such a positive silver lining from it all. Despite all of our advanced knowledge and scientific triumphs, the human psyche is truly one of the last unknown frontiers on this globe and maybe would remain hard to crack.

Even though man-kind has made progress in medical sciences, there are still various mysteries around the human mind which are yet to be unraveled. Till that time arrives get shocked and amazed by such amazing brain results.

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