15 reasons why Black is always a head-turner!

There are fads when it comes to dresses, but the classic black dress will never go out of fashion. It was never a fad and was meant to live eternally. It will always be a head turner. You ask why? Here’s why!

1. One dress that suits all occasions!
Be it a formal event, party or a casual day out – a black dress will set you apart from the crowd wherever you wear it.


2. Suits us all!
No matter what body shape you have, a black dress will only enhance your looks invariably. It has the ability to make you look like a diva, no matter what shape your body is. So don’t be afraid of showing off your curves. If you have it, you flaunt it!


3. It can be paired with all kinds of jewelry
A black dress can go with any and every accessory and look – from Gothic to chic. You can pair it with some bling, bright shades or subtle ones. You will never run out of options with a black dress.


4. Age no bar!
Yes, that’s right! The black dress is a tailor made attire for all, whether you are a teen or a middle aged woman. A black dress can never disappoint anyone.


5. One dress, many shoes!
For those on a tight schedule, a black dress is the best option because you will not have to waste your time on what shoes to wear because again a black dress goes with all looks and occasions!

6. Easy on the pocket!
A black dress can guarantee you a great look without hurting your pockets. These dresses are available in many styles and in all price ranges.


7. Gorgeous hamesha!
It will make you feel gorgeous and beautiful like none other, no matter how many times you wear a black dress.


8. The impression that lasts longer than the occasion
Wearing a black dress can boost every girl’s confidence to strike up as an individual with a fabulous personality.


9. Plenty of ways to wear it!
Shy of showing those legs? Don’t worry, a black dress will still be a head turner, no matter what way you choose to wear it – gownstrapless or ball!


10. To each its own!
Even if you end up wearing the same dress as anyone else in a room, you will still turn many heads because a black dress can never look less flattering on anyone.


11. Party with workplace friends?
No problem, a black dress will be your best friend no matter what profession you are in. It has the quirkiness of pleasing everyone!


12. Brings out the green-eyed monster in everyone.
A black dress will give you such an air of mystique and aura that it will leave everyone green with jealousy.


13. Ultimate style statement
There is nothing about a black dress that disappoints anyone! Wear a black dress and forget about getting judged by the fashion police for your sense of dressing!


14. Ageless beauty!
Even though the black dress became popular in the 1920s, it is still touted as the wardrobe ‘must have’ by fashion gurus. Yes, not many things are forever, but it would be very wrong to say that a black dress is outdated at any point of time because these dresses keep reinventing the style and mood, over and over again.


15. Scores in every aspect!
A black dress will give you extra points for every aspect – versatility, durability, affordability and accessibility. There is no other piece of clothing that can beat a black dress.

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So ladies go ahead and splurge on that black dress you have always wanted because if there is one fashion rule that you must follow , it is to dress to impress!

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