15 reasons why every Indian should look forward to ISL

Indian Super League is the talk of the town and is surely keeping all of us busy in the next coming weeks. With Indian Cricket team performing average in the ongoing West Indies-India clash, the viewers will definitely like to see something more positive. ISL is here to provide all the action.

Following are the reasons which tells you why it is one of the biggest sporting event of the country

1. Awareness
Yes, the biggest benefit will be the increase in the level of awareness. People of India who were seen praying the willow game will now turn their heads towards football too.

2. Starry connection 
Yes, the big names will be the head turners. From Sachin Tendulkar to John Abraham, both the cricketing and Bollywood fraternity have decided to promote this game at a peak level.

3. The IPL concept
The teams are regionally divided. We have 9 teams, namely Delhi Dynamos, Kerela Blasters, FC Goa, Chennaiyin FC, Mumbai City FC, Aletico De Kolkata, Pune FC, Bangalore ISL team and North East United. Hence teams are expecting huge fan following from their respective regions.


4. The vast coverage
ISL is launched on a huge stage and it will be telecasted on various national and domestic channels. Hence the advantage of showing it in different languages will prevail where fans from different corners of the world will be keen on watching it.


5. Investment equivalent to more resources
After a very long time India is investing in vast numbers in football, which is a good sign. Complains of lack of resources and infrastructure will be minimal now. Or at least we can hope.

6.  The international connect
Just like in IPL we have players from different countries in one team, similarly the ISL team comprises a mixture of Indian plus foreign players. It will provide the perfect atmosphere of learning.


7. Improved tactics
Hiring coaches and managers from abroad means inviting knowledge, tactics and strategies of the game in bundles. It will not only help players, but also the coaches as they will get international exposure too.

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8. Justice for football fans across the globe
Yes, now the football fans can cheer for their favorite footballer or team without any hesitation of being counted among the few crazy heads. The cricket fan bases generally used to dominate the fan world.

9. Mixture of commercial venture plus vision
It is for obvious reasons one of the biggest commercial venture of the country, but along with it we also have a vision, a dream and that is to improve the standards of football in a cricket crazy nation.

10. Chance to shine for the Indian players
The ISL will be watched across the globe, especially by football pundits. Hence it is a golden opportunity for Indian players to shine and create their impressions in front of the international football pundits. Once spotted, they will get millions of opportunities to take their career forward.

11. Worldwide publicity
Now even football players will be asked for autographs and pictures. Not that it defines the potential of the player but it definitely improves the morale.

12. Improvement at the domestic level
Proper coaching and assistance will be provided at grass root level as now the administration and management has something to look forward to.

13. Youngsters will live their dreams
Some of the team members of ISL are teenagers and at a very tender age they will get to play with international footballers and will be coached by some of the best coaches. What else a true footballer can ask for?

14. The much required exposure
More than playing with foreign players and getting proper coaching, what is important is the level of exposure. To challenge the limits and to cross every hurdle tactically will be some lessons which players will carry with them for the lifetime.

15. Global sporting nation
With ISL coming into existence we have one satisfaction that India is moving towards becoming a Global Sporting Nation.


With the rise in the publicity of ISL and so many stars coming together, the debut season surely will attract million eye balls. Amidst the football madness, there is one thing which is surely going to happen – entertainment.

So are you set to watch the biggest sporting extravaganza in action? Tell us which team you are supporting in the comments section below.

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