14 evergreen ways guys used back in ’90s to woo girls!

We have read a lot of stories around the things we miss about the ’90s. I am a ’90s girl and I have my own list of things which I miss about those beautiful years. There’s also this sad fact that the present day kids will never get to see the little joys we had back then.

When I sit back with my friends and we start talking about the things we miss about those days, the male friends have something which they miss a lot. They miss the way they used to woo a girl when they had a crush on someone. When I think of it, I can’t help but smile at all the ways which were extremely cute!

I thought it would be a good idea to relive those days by listing down the things guys used to do back then to woo girls!

1. Staring at her
Not in a way that would scare the hell out of her or that would be vulgar, but in a way which was actually pretty innocent.


2. Cycling around her house
Just to have a look at her. Guys would get a glimpse of the girl and then go away!


3. Talking to her friends/sisters
To get in touch with the girl, guys used to make friends with the girl’s sisters or other friends!


4. Writing love letters
And these were the real creative ones. These days where are technologically sound, can anything match up with those handwritten love letters?

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5. Giving missed calls on her landline
Because those were the times we didn’t have mobile phones. To talk, we first had to give missed calls on the landline!

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6. Giving valentine cards
Trust me, this is one of the toughest thing to do! It actually meant you love someone!


7. Offering chocolates to her
This was among the most romantic gestures!


8. Friendship bands meant accepting the person as a good friend forever!
Not to forget, we used to make plans for the coming Friendship days and literally only the ones who were close enough used to get our friendship bands!

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9. Meeting at isolated places but then no place was suitable because of relatives all around!
There was nothing such as isolated places then. Unlike these days, people actually used to shy away on seeing anyone!

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10. Playing cricket in her locality!
In full on style, just to impress her! This also involved deliberately hitting the ball in her house, just to wave at her!

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11. The terrace love!
Strolling on the terrace in the evenings and in winter afternoons where you  knew she was also there!


12. Watching movies like DDLJ, RHTDM and Kuch Kuch Hota frequently!
These movies were a huge source of inspiration for believing in love then.

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13. Friends addressing the girl as ‘Bhabhi’!
That was one completely different era! “Dekh, bhabhi jaa rahi hain!


14. Singing songs for her
Guys actually practiced to sing before singing in front of her! However bad they might have sung, girls loved it!
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Do you also belong to the good old ’90s era? If I am missing out on any ways you used to woo girls back then, do let me know in the comments section below!
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