16 ways Yoga can help your mind, body and soul!

The rich and old practice of Yoga if invested into is a great way to elevate your ‘soul’s standard’. Yoga addicts can vouch for this statement. Of course, initially even reading a new book can be boring, but as you read on you wouldn’t leave the couch until you are finished reading.

Finished! Now what ? You pick another book to read on because the effects of reading are so good. Same way, Yoga makes you cling onto it forever. Don’t trust me? Scroll down to read more!

1. You become one with your surroundings
How many times have you felt you are a part of the environment around you? This feeling is so awesome. Trust me, no drug can give you the high that Yoga does.


2. Thoughtlessness
Thoughts which run all time like a broken record in your mind get shooed away. Your mind becomes thoughtless so you can focus on your breathing and self.


3. Detoxes your mind
You feel light and at peace with yourself.

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4. Your persona changes
You look and become a calm, thoughtful and an open person.


5. Changes the vibe you share with people
Ever felt uneasy at the entry of an unknown individual? Yoga cleanses your soul which in turn helps you share an open, pleasant and harmless but strong vibe with other individuals.


6. Improves you immunity
Yoga makes you a healthier person.


7. Gives you a shiny and glowing skin
Yoga removes all impurities of your skin.


8. Improves your breathing
Long deep breaths we take in Yoga improve our breathing habit.


9. Turns you into a peaceful person
This is so true.

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10. You will enjoy your company a lot
You will love spending time alone with yourself.


11. You will find nature refreshing
You will love spending time around plants, trees and animals.


12. Improved concentration
Work meetings will become more interesting and your participation in them will also become impressive.

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13. Tones your body and increases your body strength
Yoga blesses with beautifully toned body and correct posture. Start practicing Yoga with the help of a teacher initially.

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14. Relives you of stress
You open your eyes inward while doing Yoga as you focus on inhaling and exhaling. Deep breathing helps in letting out all the stress stored in your body.

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15. Deals with most chronic diseases
Yoga is beneficial for treating heart diseases, diabetes, back issues and other chronic diseases. If you have a recurring ailment, it is beneficial to practice Yoga while you still continue seeing your doctor.


16. You become a happy person
You get rid of all the tension inside you, no anger at all.

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I will be really happy to know what good Yoga does to you or how you feel about practicing Yoga. Scribble your thoughts in the comments section below.

Keep calm, and do Yoga! Ciao!

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