Potheads alert – 15 reasons why you must try this new herb!

News for potheads! There is a new herb in town – Tea! Yup, you got me right. Your doobies are soon going to get loaded with tea if, of course, you need a different trip. Tea doobies (joints) have already made big in the US and they aren’t all that bad. Lighting up is not that bad now, at least after the legalization of pot in some parts of the world. You surely will not be labelled as a junkie or hippie if you are caught smoking some ‘tea’. Watch this video to know about the new fad and the lady who introduced it into the market.

Though smoking is bad for health, however this mixture of herbs could be a better way to replace tobacco and weed. Here are my 15 reasons why you should try the new herb as soon as it gets in the market. *Fingers crossed*

1. It is organic. Just like Mary!


2. Tobacco Free. Yes, that’s right, you don’t need tobacco to smoke the new herb.

cigratte Source

3. It relaxes you just like the good old friend, weed, but it is not harmful for your health in any way.


4. You don’t get panicky after smoking it. A lot of people get paranoid after smoking pot because everyone gets a different high.

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5. Natural, high-free alternative to marijuana.

green teaSource

6. Calms you down.

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7. It enhances the intensity of your dreams.


8. It is non- addictive! Phew! I love this fact.


9. You get your fun side back! It gives you a good feel factor.


10. Healing properties.


11. Non-smokers can drink it as a tea. Though bitter and deep in taste, but you will get same soothing effects.


12. It is smooth, mellow and tastes like lavender and camphor-atious.

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13. Makes you feel stress-free.

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14. It is good for your body. The herbs are good in all ways.


15. There is nothing like bad trip when you smoke tea.


Again, I like to say smoking is bad for health. Everything natural is not always good for health. You see, marijuana is natural, paper is natural and so is tobacco, it is derived from leaves, right? But they all have a harmful effect on our heart and lungs. Though harmful effects of smoking tea are not yet found, but yes, you could replace paper with pipe to smoke some nice tea-ish stuff to stay on a healthier side.

Write in the comments section whether you would like to try it and how you feel about the new herb. Wish you a happy high!