20 types of people you are bound to meet on every Garba ground

Garba – when someone names it, you can surely picture people doing Garba in circles. You would directly think about Gujarat, as it is home to Garba, one of the major celebrated festival of India. The Goddess of Shakti, the Power and Force is worshiped for 9-10 nights and it is also one of the most awaited festivals. Youngsters are lured to the larger extent as this devotional dance is full of energy consuming act.

People dance, eat, make friends and life partners too. Though majorly people go with their families and friends, they also find so many people with different qualities on the Garba ground. Some are funny, but some are inspirational. Let’s see who all you have met till now:

1. The Garba devotee
If you want to find a faithful Garba devotee, just match these features: when Garba commences, they are among those firsts, they would not love the one-time break, they will close their eyes and would swing to the rhythm, and moreover they take halt only when the Garba music ends.

The Garba devoteeSource

2. The foodie freak
This foodie is the one who updates group about the available food stalls and the best one to try out. They are less on the ground, but more near food stalls.

The Foodie Freak GarbaSource

3. The partner locator
Everybody is aware about Navratri being the biggest platform to find your soul mate and hence there’s always that one friend who is single and ready to mingle.


4. The tradition icon
While playing Garba, there comes a time when our eyes are stuck on somebody’s attire and the way they are carrying them. “Wow, that’s so cool”, is our expression!


5. The Garba learner
There’s always someone out there on the ground to ask you for the correct Garba moves and it’s always a proud thing to know all about Garba and teaching the same to others. Isn’t it?



6. The camera poser
You would often get bumped to the people who halt and pose for the camera. Being a Garba lover, I know how irritating it is.

The Camera Pose GarbaSource

7. The chatter box
I am sure there’s always one such friend who is ahead than you in the Garba line and just couldn’t stop talking about everything about the world except Garba and that’s too boring.

Garba groundSource

8. The Halloween lover
Forgive me guys, Halloween lover is not an insult to any creative minds, but just that it becomes a matter of topic for many because of the newly but weirdly designed attire the person is wearing. I have seen many on Garba ground, have you?

Indian DanceSource

9. The stroller
I was one among these types of people. Actually, it’s not our fault, we get tired with the high pace of Garba; but bumping into others is a bad idea.

Garba StrollerSource

10. The Garba singer
It’s always fun to sing and play Garba at a time. It’s my favorite, but unfortunately I can sing only few. How about you?

The Garba Singers


11. The enthusiastic foreigners
The indigenous Garba is no longer restrained to Gujarat, but across the world. Forget about how the world celebrates, but if you want to see how foreigners dance on Garba beats, don’t miss to visit United Way of Baroda in Vadodara.

India FestivalSource

12. The follower
If you are great at Garba, I would warn you, haha kidding. It would just fetch you some followers who would love to copy you. Be it from your front, behind or on your side – they are always being bumped on someone trying to mimic you :p

The Garba FollowerSource

13. The leg stamper
If a faithful Garba devotee is behind you, do not mind if they stamp your leg several times. It is just because they close their eyes while doing Garba. All you need to do is let them go ahead of you and wait for the next one to come.


14. The frantic couple

These guys are everywhere, you know, but getting cozy on a Garba ground or on parking just inspires many teens and that’s not good. You know what I mean.


15. The flexible dancer
I watch my eyes out when I see someone playing Garba like they are invertebrates. There’s nothing wrong in watching such talent around you, but just watch  and that’s it.


16. The heart stealer
On a Garba ground there is always a heart throb or a fairy girl, who not only steals your heart by his/her looks, but also by their fashion sense and Garba moves.

The Heart Stealer GarbaSource

17. The mystic group
Similar moves, similar attire,  and similar expressions are some of the great features of people who do Garba in a flow. Wait, that too in a group. They lure people with their mystic presentation.

Garba GroupSource

18. The rainbow
If you ask me, I personally do not like being a rainbow, but on a Garba ground you would definitely see colorful people with matching make up.

Graba RainbowSource

19. The jewelry showroom
Nine days decorate yourself, but nine jewelries a day sounds horrible, but this is a fact. Girls do dance with perfection with huge pairs of jewelries. Hats off!

garba celebrations JewellerySource

20. The flirt enthusiast
As we learnt that people find their soul mates on the Garba treks, flirting is one of those steps to know people well. Now, it totally depends that, are you flirting or someone is flirting with you. Am I right?

The Flirt GarbaSource

Nine/Ten days full of enthusiasm, dance, food and friends. BTW, how many of these types of people do you keep meeting on the Garba ground? Do share with us too, after you tag your friends!