Finding it hard to deal with depression? This comic based on the story of a woman will help you feel better

Depression is a really big issue. While most of us try to deal with it at home by drinking green tea and performing a bit of yoga, others fail completely. To go and seek medical help is also something a lot of people do not want to see themselves doing. Because no one really imagines oneself to go to a psychiatrist to treat depression or any mental illness, they feel terrible about the idea of seeing to them. Popular media technologist, Deanna Zandt co-founder, Lux Digital has spoken at conferences including TEDxBerlin. She is a frequent guest speaker on several news channels and was the first recipient of the social media Maggie Award for Media Excellence from Planned Parenthood of America. Deanna has been coping with depression for 20 years now. Until 2 years, she took to meditation and yoga to deal with her situation. But when her situation went out of hands, she decided to seek a medical expert’s help. She felt that what she was doing for herself was not enough. She needed more help. After she started taking her new medicines, she felt a lot better. She started to work on herself at the same time and started off with yoga and meditation. Combining the two important ways to treat depression really helped her.  She is a proof for people who think taking anti-depressants is a miserable thing to do and to rely on medicines for depression is a stupid choice. Deanna could actually treat herself better with the help of the medicines prescribed by her doctor. After Deanna got better she decided to let people know that taking medicines for depression doesn’t mean one is a failure or a hopeless case. Sometimes medicines are needed to bring someone out of  a terrible situation. To help others who have depression, Deanna shared a graphic essay. If you think you have depression or if you have been told by your doctor that you have it, Deanna’s comic strip is going to make you feel confident about taking antidepressants and you will feel so much better after getting to know she is better.

facing depression

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Hope this helps!