Man killed by a White tiger after falling into the enclosure at Delhi zoo

I shivered with fear when I saw a human being joining his hands in front of a giant white tiger for his life. This is one of the most horrifying incidents that I have come across. This 12th standard student would not have expected this horrific death when he was enjoying watching this beautiful endangered animal.

The White tiger first stared at the boy who apparently fell into the 18 feet dry moat but when stones were pelted on the animal, it showed it’s fierce side. Some of the eyewitnesses said that the guy was sitting on the enclosure while some said the barricade was too low and he fell in.

A witness said he ran towards the tiger enclosure after hearing the screams to find the boy’s neck in tiger’s jaw, writhing badly in pain. One of the visitors, Himanshu said, “We saw some kids throwing in small sticks and stones inside the tiger enclosure. Then we saw that a white tiger had gripped a man by his neck. No one helped him.”


Bittu, another visitor said, “The tiger didn’t attack at first, till stones were thrown at it. I saw the man folding his hands before the tiger, who kept looking at first. The man tried to run away, but the tiger swiped at him, wounding his neck. Then it carried him away from the head,” Bittu panickly filmed the terrific video on his phone.