17 reasons why Shaktimaan is the best Indian Superhero! *eyeroll*

90s kids who ate Parle- G biscuits very well know who we are talking about. If you were born later, do you remember watching the Return of Shaktimaan?

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All superhero stories start something like this – powerful, immortal, godly man (here, yogi) made this Messiah for people on the earth with powers derived from 5 essential parts of life – the earth, sky, water, air and heat. This tall, tough man does wonders we never thought anyone could do in his red suit. As he was special and had super powers, he had super powerful enemies too who bit the dust every time they fought with him. He was the superhero of every Doordarshan watching kid!

Here are reasons why Shaktimaan is the best Indian superhero, ever-

1. He kept his identity super-secret
Like we couldn’t see the resemblance in the faces of Gangadhar-blah-blah -Shastri and Shaktimaan.


2. “Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri”
He chose the best name to keep his identity in disguise. “Devi ji! Devi ji! Shaktimaan Bhaiya Humse Milney Aye

Really!? You thought that keeping your human-name by adding so many names will not create suspicions about your identity? Give us a break!


3. He is loaded with super powers!
Jurm Ke Raaste Par Chalne Wali Gaadi Ke Pahiye ko Shaktimaan Kabhi Aage Nahi Badhne dega”.

We are short of words, Shaktimaan. Even Salmaan Khan can do this stunt in his stupid films. *jumps off a cliff*

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4. Always on the right path.
“I was made to protect everything right, how could I change and become evil?”

One thing we have to say – Chillll dude! To err is human… Now, go and make everything right. How could you not be practical, silly?

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5. Shaktiman could fly like he was holding a bar in between his hands.
I wonder how I could believe in such bad special effects. I mean, the Indian spider man starring Govinda (Spiderman, Spiderman, tune churaya mere dil ka chain) and Shaktimaan has similar special effects. *Feeling confused*.

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6. The only one to create a prison for ETs
In Pargrahiyo Ke Liye Mujhe Anatriskh Mai Kisi Jail ka Nirmaan Karna Hoga” meaning, “I will have to create a prison in space for these extraterrestrial beings”- Shaktiman. Just one thing I got to say, this show really made a fool of us.

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7. Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuckkk…
Whenever Shaktimaan transported himself to another place his spinning body will make a sound of the best word we ever knew- Fuck! ;) And it was a children’s show!

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8. He fought with the most dangerous villain – Kilvish
We can spot the gloves with fake nails, the makeup looks like he is soon going to the Ram Leela ground and he is the most dangerous villain!? Huh!
Shaktiman's villan

9. He fought with his equally strong and intelligent clone.
Looks like the clone was not sharp enough.

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10. He owned the powers from fire, sky, earth, water and heart. He would lift and throw mountains.
I seriously believed in THIS! Someone please slap me in my face.

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11. Shaktiman fought with the poisonous Kekraman (Crab-man)
Looks like Kekraman and Shaktimaan had a really drunk night.

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12. Shaktiman vs the Stone man
The Cosplay costumes that Cosplay actors wear are better than the Stoneman’s costume. Another shit I don’t believe I had once believed in.

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13. Shaktiman is also the Magnet man
Yes, we believed that he could pull all things he wanted. I bet you didn’t want to see the cars getting pulled towards, it would have given you cancer!

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14. He fought with all dangers
Don’t be depressed! Just think it didn’t come on TV and you never watched the show.

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15. Hota Hai Jab Aadmi Ko Apna Gyaan Kehlaya Woh Shaktimaan.
You really think his hands are grabbing that fire ball? *Eyeroll*
This looks like some troll page’s image!

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16. Standing against the so-called scientist Jackal
The ill fated scientist who created Shaktimaan’s dumb clone was too much that Shaktimaan had to fight against. I don’t even…. :/


17. Chhoti chhoti magar moti baatein!
Seriously, did we need this? Wasn’t our mom enough to stop us from doing the wrong things? And one mere “Thehro” was enough to make a kid guilty as shit!

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Do let me know if you have any other super memory attached to this show. Meanwhile, ’90s kids, I feel you, bros! Let’s just all pretend we didn’t waste our childhood watching this show.

For pointing these out, Sorry Shaktimaan :p


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