16 excuses people make for not hitting the gym

So you took a year’s membership at the gym this year too? You want that fit, lean body to keep your good looks cracking? But you know your attendance at the gym is too slim that it will give shame to even the size 0 (if it were alive). And the worst thing is even proxy attendance can’t give you admission to ‘The School of Healthy Body & Sexy Looks’!

Here are some of the reasons your parents and friends are probably sick of listening to for your bunking the gym habit.

1. I need 8 hours of good sleep to feel great.
Every day you sleep late because you either chat with your friends all night or play FIFA. The next day the only thing you can say to yourself is I haven’t slept much because of last night. I will go to the gym tomorrow for sure.


2. Your human – alarm didn’t wake you up. She is to blame.
Your mother spends hours trying to wake you up for the gym, but you can’t really budge to her shouting until she has shouted for two hours straight and then you will say I am late today, wake me up tomorrow on time.

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3. You feel tired!
You can go in the evening too, after work but all you got to say is “I spend 9 hours working at the goddamn office. I am feeling tired, I can’t go to the gym in the evening.”


4. Your body hurts.
You took that one step and you went to the gym yesterday but today you just can’t move an inch. Your body hurts from yesterday’s weight training.

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5. I am too fit to hit the gym.
You think too highly about yourself and you think you are as fit as John Abraham so why go to the gym?


6. The best gym is too far.
The gym 5 blocks away is too simple and the best gym is too far so you would rather sleep your ass off than waking up 2 hours before the gym opens.

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7. The trainer is too hard on me.
“Good body comes with discipline” – this is not your mantra. If your trainer pushes you to do one more round of squats you think he is too hard on you.

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8. My gym partner is unwell
You and your friend go to the gym together and he’s fallen sick. He is probably the one who pushes to go to the gym along with him. He is enjoying sick leaves and so are you.


9. My alarm clock doesn’t ring
You probably snore your way to glory when the alarm rings and what you got to say in the morning is ‘alarm baja hi nahi’.

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10. I don’t like exercising
I tried, but I don’t like exercising. I will join yoga classes from the next year. LAME.

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11. I don’t have a ponch, that’s my beer belly
You like to ignore the ponch that peeps right through your shirts.


12. I don’t want to put my make up again
Girls, if you go to the gym after work, geez… it is better you take off that makeup. You are going to the gym, not to a shopping mall.


13. Going to the gym makes me eat more
After work out your body craves for carbs, so eat right. Don’t put on the calories you just burnt at the gym.

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14. My bed keeps me cozy, I don’t feel like leaving it.
You feel too comfortable wrapped in sheets in your bed.

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15. I try going to the gym, but I keep quitting

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16. I don’t look any different, even after exercising
Some bodies see the post workout body changes after a long time. Your body is different from everyone else’s. Exercising has to do with feeling good about your body first.

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My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun! So ladies and gentlemen! If you need that great body you got to drive your lazy bum to the gym. If you have a friend who has a lazy bum, tag him/her here and share this article with them and if they have a unique excuse to share for not going to the gym, share it in the comments section below. ;)

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