This 8 year old earns $1.3 Million per year by reviewing toys on YouTube!

The first expression on my face after reading this news was – my eyes got wider, brain stopped working and my lips curved to say “OMG”. Really? Is this news authentic, or a hoax?. OK, let me tell what exactly made me drive nuts and actually feel a little jealous of this kid who earns $1.3 million per year by posting videos on YouTube.

Evan reviews toys and video games on his YouTube Channel, EvanTubeHD. Evan with his father Jared, makes Angry Birds Stop motion videos. In a Newsweek interview, Jared said, “all of the proceeds from the channel goes into investment and savings accounts for their children.”

EvanTubeHD- Toy Reviews

When 8, what I did was just watch Disney cartoons, play outdoor games and cry for everything I was not allowed. I wish I could get my days back so that I can take some inspiration from this little one. Evan’s YouTube channel EvanHDTube  has 810,124 subscribers. Just wow, kiddo.

Watch this video to know why he is so good:

Amazing it was to watch a little boy reviewing on what kind of toys should a 6 year old play with. Let me tell you, the video that you just watched has 50 million views. Inspired! :)

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