12 reasons why ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ is extremely over-rated

Kapil Sharma fans, you may hate me for writing this, but this is what I feel it is. I have never perceived the fact that viewers undergo a belly laugh while watching Kapil Sharma’s so called comedy show “Comedy Nights with Kapil”. Certainly, the comedian has charming looks and not to forget his consistent speech, but how can he ignite giggles in your stomach with his same old dialogues?

You must be wondering the reason behind my views on him. Well, let’s put down some of the points which he should never do, but he did and sadly his show is over-rated:

1. Over hyped jokes on the feminity of Gutthi and weight of Palak. How are these two attributes anywhere close to being funny? A joke on how a person looks or a joke on how much a person weighs is not something that we find funny!

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2. There’s no rationale behind giving female roles to male actors. I bet female actors could have created equal magic or more than Dadi, Kiku and Gutthi.


3. The entire show is clearly scripted. When asked amongst the audience, who should speak what sentence at what time is also pre-selected – be it a fan’s love story or a dance request to a celebrity on the stage.

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4. Kapil’s sense of humor revolves around insulting people.

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5. It’s time to reinvent a new charm as the script is repetitive and predictable.

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6. Those who give away cheap shots on hyped personalities and events are a big no no to a comedian.

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7. The compulsory and dreadful Navjot Singh Sidhu laughter gets irritating day by day!

Comedy Nights with Kapil - Navjot singh SidhuSource

8. Approximately 100 guys, Pinky Bua has tried her luck on. Still single. Really?

Comedy Nights with KApilSource

9. Dadi, an awe-inspiring drunkard for beginners; Bua, a complete book on how to flirt and a big time gambler. Ok, so where is the joke?

dadi and buaSource

10. There couldn’t be anything as irritating as the dance moves of Dadi. 


11. Cheap jokes on the way the wife looks, who is indeed very attractive.


12. Unnecessarily over-selling the celebrities

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Now that I have made my points, do let me know in the comments section below if I am missing out on any!

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