An open letter to all those who still consider menstruation as a taboo

Hey all,

The world is full of taboos and certain beliefs which are not sparing any of us. Though we are aware of its consequences and the advantages, we are bonded in those norms or myths which were never mentioned in any religion, but just created by us to sustain the situation. Same goes with the menstruation.

Every time a girl hits puberty at her teenage, she should not be asked to keep that a secret. Ask her not to cry or be sad of getting periods, as getting a healty period is a gift!

Every time a girl buys sanitary napkins/tampons, why should they wrap the product in a paper first, and then a polythene so that nobody can see through it? Don’t you think that we witness one of the greatest feelings called parenthood just because of periods?



Menstruation is a blessing; do not take it as a shame. There are women who are not accepted for marriage because they DO NOT get periods. If you get to know someone who is going through this, please very politely ask what that feeling is.

Immediately before and during their period, women go through all these – severe pain in stomach, back and leg calves. We have breasts pain for 2 days, vomiting, giddiness, pimples on face and many other things which most of us don’t even share. I sometimes ask myself, why the hell do we harass women this way, when they are already in pain which they rarely speak of!

If you are a working woman and it’s your first or second day of menstruation, do not work over time. Please tell your boss that you are going through an immense muscle pain and mental stress which would never be felt by men. Taking care of your health would fetch you more working hours later on, for sure.

Those who think that menstruation makes women to be secluded for 3-5 days, please understand all these are myths, and they were persistent because of certain reasons, back in old days. Today, women have all the facilities to dump their stress, unhygienic discards and water facilities. All she needs is that you break this taboo called menstruation.



To know more about menstruation myths, read Indian vulnerability of old menstruation days and the persistent superstitious myths

Women in their period should not be made untouchable, instead, they should be given a better treatment. If you ask me, a simple hug would also do wonders.

I just have one question. Why?

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Menstruation is a power to give birth, to be a mother, to give a family progeny, to maintain the natural balance, and to give mother earth, a life! Do not make it a taboo. Understand, discuss, be proud of it and speak up!

Next time when a store keeper wraps up your sanitary napkins in a paper and then in polythene, ask him to save paper and not to use plastic. Also, share this open letter with him, proudly!

Next time you see someone sharing knowledge on superstitious period myths, share this:


Next time you see someone stopping a woman cooking in those days, or restricting women from regular things like offering prayers, just explain them the truth!

See how Parineeti Chopra bashes out a journalist because of his ignorance about periods.


Let her make comfortable, let her speak about her problems, let her feel and be happy for the best gift she has been blessed with,  let us wish her a healthy and happy period from TODAY! :)

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