Gujarat businessman gave away 500 cars & 200 flats as #Diwali bonus, in 2014! What about #Diwali2015 ?

You must have heard a lot about Gujarat since years because of its development, its Garba, which is continuing since decades, and not to forget, because of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Gujaratis are known for their love for food, traveling and are considered to be one of the richest communities in the country. Well, this is again proved by one of the diamond businessmen in Surat.

You will be closing your jaw yourself till you end up reading these:

1. A diamond merchant gifted nearly 500 cars and about 200 flats besides expensive jewelry as Diwali bonus to 1200 of his employees.

2. It was a surprise bonus to the employees who have achieved their annual targets.

3. Savjibhai, the employer, has given 491 cars to the employees who didn’t own one and 200 flats for those who didn’t have their own house.


4. He didn’t disappoint others, he brought a smile on 525 employees face by gifting them gold and diamond jewelry!

5. The employer said , “we have selected 1200 employees and given them a target. Whoever achieves the target gets such gifts.”

Wow, I am so happy while reading this. There are only two words I would like to say – Incredible India! Oh wait, do ask your boss for a Diwali bonus ;)

Have a Healthy, Happy and a Safe Diwali.

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