15 things you can relate to only if you go home for Diwali!

If you booked your tickets three months before Diwali and if you are the first in your office to apply for Diwali leaves, (*tight hug* ) we feel you, bro’. For you, Diwali is the best thing that comes in a year.

You can’t help but agree with the 15 things that say Diwali has a different meaning to you than just a festival of lamps.


1. Diwali is a reason to go home and be with your family
You don’t really care about the celebration, all you care about is going and being with them lovely people.



2. You enjoy your stay more!
You only get weekends to go home and spend time with your family, but for Diwali, you get to stay home for long!! Sometimes you actually think, you are the Rama returning home. :D

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3. You are the first one to apply for Diwali leaves. “Boss, Diwali ki chuttiyo mein ghar jaana hai!
Gladly, your boss understands that you need to be home at least once for more than the normal two days.



4. You shop for gifts for your family after work, 10 days before you travel
For you Diwali is about buying everyone presents.



5. You get to meet your cousins studying in different cities
Family unites on Diwali.

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6. You book your train tickets three months in advance
You know you won’t get any reservations a month before Diwali so you book your travel like a pro.

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7. You start getting phone calls from your parents if you will be coming this year on Diwali or not
No matter you booked your tickets well in advance, your parents will always doubt if you are coming because you hardly come home.

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8. Suddenly all the work comes at your desk
You will always feel that before Diwali you get more work to do than on any other holiday.



9. You work for extra hours at work
You want to go home without worrying about work, so you stay at office longer each day to finish all your work before you leave for home.

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10. Your family comes to pick you up at the station
You get delighted to see your family all ganged up to receive you at the station!



11.  You give your kaam waali bai a little bonus before you leave
You are too happy to notice that it hurts to see any extra money going.



12. You keep your bonus aside so you have little money to yourself after spending all your money on buying presents
You bless your boss for the bonus.

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13. You spend your journey home sending Diwali SMSes to all your friends and relatives.
You don’t want to forget wishing anyone.



14. You are scared that you will forget one of your suitcases in train because your luggage looks like a mountain of suitcases
You’ve never traveled with so much luggage, but Diwali is an exception.





15. Your friends come to see you off at the train station after a sleepless night of Diwali celebration in your flat
You are too glad to have friends who care.



I wish all the readers who relate with me a very Happy Diwali! :)


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