Will power: Man calls ambulance himself after getting legs torn apart on a railway track

Hardly anyone has the audacity to defend oneself from the clutches of death which is hovering on the head. This 24 year old software engineer from Bangalore has been caught up by every eye that came across the tragedy he met with.

Naseer Ahmed, a techie who works in an IT company in Indiranagar was looking forward to meet one of his friends in Mysore. He boarded the train to Mysore, just as he got it he realized he was feeling dizzy and the so he decided to take some fresh air at the train door. That was the unfortunate decision he made when he slipped off the step and fell on the tracks. As the train passed on, he realized that both of his legs were ran over by  train and were hanging by a thin layer of skin.

Train Accident


Not panicked by what he had seen at that moment, he immediately searched his cell phone and managed to call ambulance and his friend which took 40 minutes to reach the railway station. The place where the tragedy occurred was near Baiyappanhalli Railway Station which happened to be deserted. During those long 40 minutes wait; surprisingly he also called the ambulance driver to guide him the correct route to station which was immensely brave on his part.

Dr. Pradeep Kiran who is an Orthopedic Surgeon said that normally people get unconscious because of the mental shock during accidents but what Naseer did, really required a moral fiber. Naseer could only save one of his legs as doctors had to amputate the right leg due to severe damage. However, Dr. Priyadarshan has assured that he would be able to walk again with the help of artificial leg which would be fixed to his broken right leg.

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