14 hilarious Twitter reactions to Rahul Gandhi’s statement on people who go to temples

Rahul Gandhi, the Vice-President of the Indian National Congress Party, has given birth to a new controversy with his statement which was shown on India TV. According to India TV, Rahul Gandhi said that those who go to temples, they’re the ones who rape women. 

We don’t know the truth behind this statement but Twitter went crazy following this. Here’s a compilation of the most funny tweets following this incident. Check them out, and get yourself into rolls of laughter!

1. Now we know why Rahul Gandhi likes to go to temples. 

2. And I thought child labor is banned in India. 

 3. He is a good boy. He doesn’t go to the temple and this is how he is gratified. 

4. Because, what better place than a temple for picking up girls?

  5. Pull up your socks, Police. Now you know where to find the molesters. 

6. I don’t even…The picture says it all.

  7. All you people who are spreading rumors, BURN!

  8. Best. Song. Ever.

  9. सत्य वचन!

  10. If you know what I mean!

  11. These are the after effects of his statement.

  12. Do us one last favor, lord.

  13. आज राहुल बाबा को मुक्का मारने का मन है 

  14. We saved the best one for the last!

Do you have any other hilarious reactions to Rahul Gandhi’s statement? We’d love to know!

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