15 fashion trends that your boyfriend wants you to stop adopting immediately!

You always thought he is into you and that he loves your Bebe pink Peplum dress and that he loves your Nine West platforms as much as you do too. Wait! ERROR! ERROR!

**ALERT** Think again! You could probably be wrong!

Ladies, we know how much you love and how you are obsessed with your expensive fashion wear and accessories, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN HE GETS THEM ALL! He loves you and he doesn’t care if you haven’t taken a shower or shaved your legs or you aren’t wearing those 9 inch heels like everyone else in the party. The truth is, he doesn’t understand any stupid fashion trends and is too shy to tell you
that you look umm.. not like his girl in them! 

Here are the 15 fashion trends your boyfriend wants you to stop adopting right away! Did you know what he thinks when you wear them? Read my captions below!

1. Harem Pants
Why are these pants so loose on your butt and why do they seem like they are clones of traditional Indian salwars? Give me a break and wear your awesome pants already!


2. Makeup
Make up is meant for actors and models and trust me, no boy likes his girl with a cakey and a lot of unnatural color on her face. Wash it off! For boys, a fresh looking gorgeous face without makeup that isn’t made up is good. Period.


3. Platforms
Are you going to the moon? Why do you wanna walk like a robot? Girl, your boy doesn’t like that cute girl in THOSE shoes! You’re cute when you  not wearing those shoes. ;)


4. Coloured pants
Girls, please, we aren’t kids anymore and we like our bottom to be in basic colors -blue, black, khakhi, white, grey and so on…. Now take your clown-y pants down.


5. Invisible bra straps
Need we say more?
bra strapSource

6. Peplum dress/tops
Oh you saw your favourite celeb wearing that frill around her waist? Get real! No boy likes that extra layer stuck on your belly.


7. Neon highlights
California girls don’t have pink or blue neon hair and you aren’t even a robot or an alien. Keep your hands away from that yellow hair dye box!

Katy PerrySource

8. Nail art
Don’t spend hours in the nail art studio or at the salon. Instead, get your hands manicured so they feel soft when you stroke his hair.

Halloween Nail Art 4Source

9. Too much ripped jeans
You look too hot in a pair of Rripped jeans but you have to be wise enough to know if your ripped jeans has turned into a beggar’s pair of jeans. Psst! You might want to turn them into hot pants now!


10. High fashion track suits
Girls, we don’t care if you are wearing the most expensive track suit! A track suit is a track suit, stop wearing them at the mall.

track suitsSource

11. Shoulder pads
Seriously! Are you a warrior?

shoulder padsSource

12. Too much jewellery
Less is good girls! He doesn’t really want to go out on a date with you at least until you are wearing too much jewellery. What is that thing on your waist now!


13. Butterfly tattoos
In movies, in magazines, on the internet – your boyfriend has seen too many girls with the same tattoo. Please get yourself inked wisely.



14. Wedge sneakers
Sneakers are sneakers, they can’t have wedged heels. How will you run your errands in them, you silly girl?

wedge sneakersSource

15. Hair bows
Who are you trying to be with that big bow on your head? Minnie Mouse?

vidya balanSource

I hope this extensive list is going to help you make your fashion choices easily. Share what fashion trend your boyfriend hates in the comment box below. Ciao!

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Written by Devika Ohri