Maisie Williams launches her YouTube channel and its first video is amazing

Game of Thrones‘ youngest actress to play one of the bravest characters called Arya Stark, announces her entry on YouTube. Yes, Maisie Williams now has a YouTube channel too. Something she thought she’d like to do to communicate with her fans and to answer their many questions on the occasion of reaching 1 million Twitter fans.

Hi, I am Massie Wiliams and this is my YouTube channel.

Maisie Williams has grown up to turn into a beautiful young girl with every season. The actress to play a powerful role on the only unpredictable show to air on TV is actually quite funny and that can be seen in her first video where she answers a few of the most interesting questions posed by her fans.

Have you ever cried because of Game Of Thrones?

Have you ever cried because of GOT

Memorable and amusing audition moment.

Memorable and amusing audition moment.

What does Sophie Turner smell like?

what does sophie turner smell like

Watch Maisie Williams answer other questions asked by her fans here.