Here’s a hilarious representation of how defying the reality of Indian ads can be

It’s no mystery how miserably Indian ads can fail, when it comes to delivering what they offer. Leave that alone, what they offer is also most of the times next level idiocy (read every deo, Thums Up, fairness creams ads ever).

SnG Comedy shared a video which captures the difference of the situations described in ads Vs. how they would fall, if it was a reality. The outcome is hilarious and perfect! Have a look at some of the ads they have mocked:

Chips: No one can eat just one. Nope, not true.

Ads versus Reality (1)

Put on shitty deo, girls will throw themselves at you.

Ads versus Reality (2)

Not in reality, though.

Ads versus Reality (3)

He recommends.

Ads versus Reality (4)

Even though this is what his hair is, IRL.

Ads versus Reality (5)

She couldn’t crack an interview because she didn’t have a fair complexioned skin. What else could possibly go wrong, apart from that?

Ads versus Reality (6)

But hey, that’s not what your employer was thinking. Maybe, he rejected you because you’re not talented enough to crack the interview.

Ads versus Reality (7)

And there are more. Here you go!