This homeless and his stray dogs were stopped on their way; what they received was a pleasant surprise

In 2001, things had turned really rough for Steve. The difficult times had left him homeless on the street. Spending time on the streets with no one but stray dogs got Steve and all the strays closer and they all ended up sharing a unique bond. Steve took in every stray he would come across.

Steve’s girlfriend in Indiana offered to lend Steve a hand however, to unite with her Steve had to travel halfway across the country on his bike with a doggie cart.  This was going to be hard. Anyone would have considered traveling 2000 miles alone easier than doing what Steve wanted to do. However Steve decided to go with nothing just 6$ in his pocket and 11 dogs.

steves trailer


Watching Steve ride his bike on the road with the doggie cart behind him got many people’s attention who wanted to help. Alicia Edrington saw Steve pedaling through West Memphis, Arkansas. She decided she would take her baby home and would come back to help the man. Thankfully, when she returned, She found Steve on the road. Here’s what happened.

* This is the journey of Steve & United strays *On Thursday July 23rd as i was heading home from town I passed an…

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Alicia’s mother, Mickey reached her animal lover friends to help Within no time, hundreds of people had offered to help.

Steve and his united family of strays spent their night in a hotel because of the summer storm.

the dogs in the motel


West Memphis Animal Shelter donated 100 pounds of dog food and others offered leashes and collars.

An animal lover named, Kelley Seaton from Tennessee traveled with Steve and his family of strays to drive them to their destination.

dogs in carSource

When they all reached, they found out that they all have a new home. A kind well wisher had donated a trailer to Steve and his crew so they have a proper place to bunk in.



All this made a strong impact on Steve, who did not know people wanted to help. He was introduced to kindness and love and his story introduced many to being selfless and caring towards all beings.

GoFundMe page has been set up for the stray family and all the dogs have been given proper medical aids and food to eat.

Steve's dogs


Steve has been taking care of 150 dogs over the last 14 years now. :)