19 LEGENDARY Barney Stinson quotes that will be etched in our hearts forever!

Talk about Barney Stinson and the world would listen to you. People who have cherished watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ series would know what it meant to them when Barney built a theory to prove himself or accepted a random challenge; let me frame it again: when he challenged himself!

Believe me, my stomach used to hurt laughing whenever Barney cracked it, actually, nailed it :P. This is the ultimate show people can watch over again and again. There’s no doubt that Barney was the show stealer.

So, what I just thought is to assemble some of the great quotes by the #legendwaitforitdary actor to find happiness. I am going to smile now, so you can SUIT UP for these quotes!

1. The challenges which were never given by others!

Challenge-Accepted-Barney-Stinson 1Source

2. If you know what I mean


3. That word, which Barney rarely said.

The-only-B-word-you-should-call-a-woman-is-beautiful-.-Bitches-love-being-called-beautiful. 3Source

4. Indeed, it was always a Fancy Dress competition for you, bro!

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5. Correct. In that one month, have sex with all the girls above 18 :P

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6. Barney’s favorites: Broda and Brocode. #TrueStory!


7.  And we love you for that awesomeness, sire :D

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8. Is that why he married Robin?

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9. And I can’t stop drooling on how awesome you are!

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10. And he knew some Math. Or maybe 2 times Math? ;)

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11. True story, Barney. Women call out His name only because of that, that and that after, of course!

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12. Barney was awesome for every Woman he slept with. True Story.

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13.  A pro sociopath, still manages to get laid with the women he chooses.

Theres-three-rules-of-cheating by Barney Stinson 14Source

14.  Wanna impress Barney? Just Suit up. Not advisable for women, though! They need to suit down ;)

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15. Has sarcasm ever been so sexy?


16. And this would be our bromance!

brofist-brocode- Barney Stinson 17Source

17. Clearly, no other man can ever pull off a suit like him. Period.

Barney-Stinson-Quotes-2-Suits 18Source

18. Has to be a true story, innit? :D

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19. Man of the match tip. You either take it, or you take it!

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I often think Barney being gay sometimes breaks my feminine heart but then I came across this.

Neil-Patrick-Harris-awesome-funny-quote 21Source

Guess what, I am happy now :) Hard to believe that I still love this character who made sure he nailed every girl he met in his screen life. The facts that he is a gay and has those AWESOMELY LEGENDARY acting skills bring my hat down. What do you say? High-Five?

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