20 things only people staying away from home will understand!

Stating away from home has its pros and cons, but one thing is for sure – when you move away from home, you create your own little house where you learn lessons of life and create great bonds.

Barring landlord and water shortage issues – you will definitely cherish all those moments later in your life.

Here are the things which only people living away from home will relate to!

1. Maggi is your all time food
90% of people always prefer Maggi over normal food. Reason – laziness, tasty and less time consuming. Yes, it comes to your rescue when the fridge is empty and there is curfew out their in your town!


2. Laundry and I, no good friends

Dirty clothes will keep shifting from table to bed and vice-versa, during day and night respectively, but will reach the cleaning place only when there will nothing else left to wear.


3. Set bed? What is that?
Students miss those days when they used to get the bedroom all set when they came back from school. But now, every possible thing on earth can be found on the bed.


4. Mid night friend – tea

Along with Maggi, what comes handy is TEA. Yes, it helps you finish your assignment, it helps you to stay awake to talk to your partner, and it helps to turn you into a midnight philosopher where you can give lectures about life!

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5. Staying with cockroaches

Your friends might miss out on visiting you, but cockroaches will stay loyal to you and will come and visit you daily. Sometimes in the kitchen, sometimes in bathroom! Aah that love!


6. Sharing bathroom

You might be the best of friends, but you will surely fight once in a day, and that will be the time of bathing. One will be inside, singing old songs and enjoying hot shower and the other will be seen outside banging the door.

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7. One Plate for food

Guys specially, are foodies and love to eat whenever free. But somehow, they don’t like eating in different plates. Along with food, they will share plates too. Kuch Jyada pyar badhta hai!

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8. Messy wardrobe

You will see a slipper coming out from some corner of the wardrobe and then there will be different wires, batteries and all sorts of plastic dumped in your wardrobe. A set wardrobe is a rarity. If moms see them, they will surely get a heart attack.

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9. Fighting for TV

That happens mostly with girls, as all have different interests. Some want to watch TV soaps and some are MTV freaks. It’s easier for the guys – one cricket match, and all of them will be seen glued to the TV shouting “INDIA, India”

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10. Terrace – new disc

You are stay alone and you obviously don’t have money to buy simple peanuts, going to a disc will be long lost dream, hence the alternative is optimum utilization of Terrace. With 2 speakers and a cable wire, you are good to go.

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11. Morning and night roles exchanged

People turn themselves into owls while staying away from home. They sleep at 6 in the morning and get up at 5 in the evening during holidays, obviously. Some may say it’s a bad habit, but trust me, most important conversations happen during midnights.


12. Landlord’s interference

OMG! “You had beer in the house” to “when will you pay your rent”, landlords will always be the one spoiling your mood. You can’t even kidnap them in their own house! Sad !
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13. No proper food

Yes, slowly and gradually you forget the taste of Roti, Dal and normal food items look like royal cuisine, who only rich people can afford.

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14. Universal problem of water

Everyone staying away would have faced this problem of water at least once. “Be yaar, paani nahi aa raha, baalti laa de” will be the most common dialogue used during such days.


15. No mode of transportation

Life takes a sudden turn and those who use to vrooom every time, now have to just walk to every place. What to do, resources are expensive. Sometimes it goes beyond budget! Serious !
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16. Move around with just a towel. Or completely naked.

Yes, guys can do that all the time, whenever they feel like. Specially during Sundays, when laundry happens, generally all of them will be seen pulling each other s towel!

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17.Garbage goes out once in a month. Or not.

A small dustbin will be seen overloaded with plastics, glass, stones, mud, shoes – every kind of waste and it will be thrown away only when it will start stinking. Or maybe not, even then. Depends on the level of your grossness.

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18.  But you learn hard lessons of life!

Yes, it’s chaotic, unorganized and messy, but it’s only during such times that you learn important lessons of life. Living an independent life is one of the most challenging things to do!

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19. You cry at least once

One fine day you suddenly miss your home or your parents or the streets where you used to play in your childhood days and hence you catch up with different corners of house just to weep. It’s OK to cry once in a while.

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20. The best part – you make friends for a lifetime!
And within no time the bond you create with your room mates looks unbreakable and you create your own small family. Yes, it’s messy and it has no rules, but it is your family and you will love it till the last breath!


What’s your best moment away from home? Let me know in the comments section below!

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