18 types of girlfriends we see around

If you are reading this article, you are either planning on reading about your girlfriend or you are the girlfriend. In both the cases, I like to say that either your girlfriend/you are a combination of these types or a solid single type. Whoever you are make sure you share this article with your friends and comment with your girlfriend/your type.

1. The Clingy Girlfriend
It is an easy guess! She is always by your side. Wherever you go, she will follow. You can’t even poo in peace when she is around.

salone and grey

2. The Money-Minded Girlfriend
She has never insisted on paying of your dates. If she loans you anyone, she wants it the next day you meet her. She asks you to bring her presents whenever you got shopping or you go travel to a different city.


3. The Loving Girlfriend
She loves and cares for you so much you can’t help but love her back.

flying kiss

4. The Girlfriend Who Needs A Companion More Than A Boyfriend
These girlfriends are rare, independent and they like to do things with their partners (boyfriends). They can live a day without kissing you if you can spend your day doing things that she likes with her. Mostly these girlfriends like to get drunk with their partners to just experience their crazy selves together or like to travel around with their partners. If their partner is not a part of the things they do, they feel the partner is losing interest in them. They are too cool in life, never lose them!

jude law

5. The Girlfriend Who Nags Too Much

These girlfriends mostly come with high maintenance, like are allergic to sun, dust, rains, crowd, your friends, your parents, etc.

poo in kabhi khushi kabhi gum

6. The Always Jealous Girlfriend
You can’t talk about other women around them because they are always jealous; unless you are talking about your sister or any fat woman you know.

eye roll

7. The Let’s Click A Picture Girlfriend
These girlfriends like to show off that they have a boyfriend, so every time you meet them they will click pictures just to make her friends and friends zoned friends jealous!


8. The “I Have Been Trying To Break Up” Girlfriend
This girlfriend always threats you that she will break up with you or she has been thinking about breaking up with you but she can’t. She is just threatening you or she is addicted to you and you are her drug. :P

emma stone

9. The Just Having Fun Girlfriend
This girlfriend doesn’t care if you will marry her or not. She is with you to have a great time with you however long it could be and you are loving this idea.

lying together

10. The Cheating Girlfriend
The entire world knows that this girlfriend has been cheating on you and you have no clue about it.


11. The No Identity Girlfriend
This girlfriend will do what you like, eat what you like and listen to music that you like. Every time her friends find her look or do things differently, they get to know she is dating a new boy. You will get to know the moment you will see she is doing things you do. You should tell her to be herself before you like to label her as ‘Mini me’.

jab we metSource

12. The “We are Just Friends” Girlfriend
You have been dating her for over a year but she or you both have been telling everyone you are ‘just friends’. You like to keep your relationship status a secret.

no strings attached

13. The Materialistic Girlfriend
You know she will forget your last fight and that was angry as soon as you will unveil her new Charles and Keith bag. She likes to flaunt her priced possessions and is happy at big things you do for her. Dude, get rid of her she possibly in the relationship because you get her all the things malls sell.

materialistc girl

14. The “When Will You Bring The Ring” Girlfriend
This girlfriend fights over your promise to marry her or she is the one who keeps asking you to marry her. She loves the idea of being around you and waking up with you and these are probably the reasons she wants to marry you. Don’t get rid of her!


15. The Marriage Material Girlfriend
The day you went on your first date with her you knew will like to marry her someday. She has all the qualities one seeks in a wife-y material.

suprise kiss

16. The Psycho Girlfriend
She looks clue-less sometimes. She stares at walls. She once cut her hair in a weird fashion (Just like Urmila in Pyaar Tuney Kya Kiya) the day after you returned from your trip to Goa. You once caught her sitting by your side when you were sleeping staring at you. Let us conclude for you- She is a psycho.


17. The Cry-baby Girlfriend
This girlfriend can’t control her emotions and sadly everything makes her cry. Warning! Don’t watch romantic films with her.

the new girl

18. The Bossy Girlfriend
Needs no description!
cleanliness freak

Now that you have identified the type, I like to tell you that if you/your girlfriend are/is clingy, or materialistic, or jealous, or money-minded or any of the other types, remember that love is beautiful and is an unconditional sentiment and if you can work around her/your nagging, clingy-ness, jealous behavior, etc. then there is no need you re-think your relationship.

Let love conquer all!


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