10 celebrity puns you must see before you enjoy the weekend

Sydney based graphic designer, illustrator and polka dot enthusiast, Justine Morrison understands how terrible Mondays can be and that’s the reason why she posts funny celebrity pun illustrations on her Instagram  account every Monday. Though we think stalking her account on Mondays is a good thing to do to cheer one’s self up, but we also think it is not a bad idea to checkout her work just for fun every day. Her cute punny illustrations are light-hearted and relaxing to look at not to mention, they will make you smile and giggle at times. The artist with over 8 years of experience working as a creative in the entertainment and hospitality industry, is one artist we totally think everyone must follow.

“Don’t want none unless you got puns hun!”

1. Llama Del Rey


2. illustration-cute-celebrity-2



5. illustration-cute-celebrity-5





10. rex in the city


Which one’s your favourite celebrity pun illustration?