8 funny graphics that explain the wonderful life of a coder

It is not an easy task to be a coder. Mind it!

There are three types of people in the world, the social, the anti-social and the coders! There is no online business that can work without a good geeky coder. The worst thing is they know this true so they are often seen living like a boss. Or, not!  These really funny and witty graphics by WittyFeed define the life of a coder since the day he stepped on the planet earth.


1. Once upon a time… there was a toddler who knew he had to be a coder!

ja va



2. The challenges… WTF!


3. Do you know how I got that scar?



4. Real problems

doesnt work


5. The reason most coders are single



6.Mind it!



7. Hate linux!? We hate you already.

hate you


8. We suck at spellings.

I write code

All images courtesy –WittyFeed


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