11 clichés of Hindi television serials that the we are fed up of

Our Indian Hindi television serials often revolve around everyday deeds of Saas-Bahu (mother-in-law and daughter-in-law) of the family. We are very far to reach the rich content of western series they present to their audience. The logically written scripts, the short and sensible episodes and the powerful characterization of the extremely talented actors sustain the market. Indian serials with its irrational stories and concepts have managed to remain an inseparable part of the Indian families. 

We all are aware of the illogical Hindi television episodes, but we still cannot afford to miss our favorite shows. Nevertheless, we can’t ignore the clichés of Hindi serials which are often irritating but funny too. I have assembled them together; do let me know if there are others too!

1. The super heroine

No matter how impossible the crisis is, this female protagonist will save the family at cost of her life. Saves vamp too, humanity overloaded! Too much niceness, yaar!



2. Entry zabardasst

Either it’s the legs with branded shoes of the male lead walking into the office or a close up of the female lead busy decorating herself, from eyes (left to right), ears and the design of her clothing – everything has to be larger than life. Too much extravaganza yaar!



3. The viral disease

Amnesia is highly contagious among the lead roles. It shifts from one serial to another. This is an unavoidable syndrome of Hindi serials. It has to be every time like ‘Kya aap jante hai mujhe?’ Too much amnesia yaar!



4. The powerful sixth sense

It’s a top family secret, nobody should be informed and it is always a vamp that identifies when to reach where and hear what! She is always there to add fuel into the fire. Too much intelligence only, yaar!



5. The colorful vamps

I’m not even exaggerating when i call them colorful, but every time I see a vamp, I’m reminded of a rainbow. The villain of the serial is a female by default in all the families that too with extra colorful make-up, jewelry and attire. Too much colorful, yaar!



6. The supernatural rebirths

I guess the family who just lost their son in an accident, has a Shaka Laka Boom Boom pencil. Just sketch the image of the son and abra ka dabra –  and reappears. If not that, plastic surgery is abundant with different height and voice. No Logic! Too much supernatural and all, yaar!



7. The Double roles

The screen stories in India have something magical. Every lead role has a double role with same eyes, voice, skin tone and also height and weight! Too much resemblance yaar!



8. The story leap

Twenty years later, and the lead female, the mother is looking younger to her 21 year old. Again, I don’t understand what do they eat? Too much beauty, yaar!

Young mother


9. The video error

After filming the traumatized expression of the person for once, it again penetrates from left side of the screen, then right, from upper side, then down and then brakes on the screen. High time to change the director and the video editor. Too much VFX, yaar!



10. The unbelievable acts

The CEO of the company worth 500 crores (what work they actually do, is left for the audience’s guesswork) is so dumb to sign the documents and lose his post, office and even house to a con. To add more to this nonsense, they do not leave their house and file a case against them, instead they serve as servants in their house and wait for the correct time and trick to hatch. Full bakwaas! Too much compromise, yaar!

Hindi serial


11. The women stereotypes

Women in almost all the Hindi serials are portrayed as housewives having no ambitions in life (except Diya Aur Baati Hum). Their only motive is to look behind the family and keep them united. It’s high time that the script writer gulps the truth about the existence of career oriented women who keep the potential of changing world notions. Seriously, too much stereotyping, yaar!

Indian bahu


Now that we have assembled all those funny irrational so called story essentials of Hindi serials, do share among your friends and family members who are glued to these serials and this way, add more fun to your life. If you have any other clichés, do let me know in the comments section below. Meanwhile, for this article, let me say too much shares, yaar! :D

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Written by Bhakti Patel