A rich politician on his 45th birthday, gifted himself a 4 kg gold shirt!

Incredible India definitely it is! A country which accounts 33% of world’s most poor people has even the richest people existing too. One among those filthy rich people is Mr. Pankaj Parakh, a school dropout from Yeola, Maharashtra. He is obliged to his garment business which he started as a means of living after he quit school. He feels so amazing not because he is one among those rich people of India, but because surprisingly, he has stitched a 4 kg gold shirt for himself on his 45th Birthday. Yes, you read this correct; it’s a ‘pure gold’ shirt worth 1.30 crores he has gifted himself! He is also a member of the Municipal Corporation in Yeola and Sharad Pawar’s National Congress Party.



It is so astonishing to learn that rich people have dim-witted desires to gift themselves such expensive gifts which would just take them to news and nothing else, forever. The gold shirt which costed Mr. Parakh millions has not only consumed money but also ample amount of time. It’s not less than 3200 hours and 20 designers’ brains behind the precious metal cloth.

Well, it’s always healthy to listen to heart but I guess this was the stunt to get into the limelight. Instead, he could have used those millions in donation – a medical machine in hospital, adding to a poor child’s education for life, charity for needy people, adopting animals in small town zoo and many more; it could have scribbled his name and good activities for rest of his life. There are plenty options to assist the needy in India but as I mentioned above, it is an Incredible India.

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