15 clichés that South Indians have had enough of

India is a land of a innumerous cultures blended into one culturally diversified nation. It is one proud nation which equally welcomes and accepts all the languages, skin complexes, beliefs and traditions. However, there are certain clichés associated with different regions of the country.

One of the very culturally and traditionally rich regions of India – South India is believed to have a lot of such attributes which are stereotyped over the years and which are definitely not true. People have certain perceptions for all the South Indians. I being a South Indian have come across so many such clichéd things that it’s high time I pen them down, and wish to shout out to everyone who say it! What I am pretty sure of is if you are or even if you’re not a South Indian, you’ll surely relate to these points!

1. Hum kale hai toh kya hua dil wale hai! (what if we are black, we have a heart of gold).

But South Indians are not black. They are fair or wheatish. It’s not their personal choice that their skin produces more melanin. Also, it is sometimes really tough to make anyone convince that a fair boy or a girl can also belong to the South. Deal with it; they can be south Indians as well. And guess what, we’re more than proud to have such a skin complexion. Ours is a land which has a minimum sales of fairness creams.

Dark skinned


2. South Indians can’t speak Hindi

New in a room? If you find a real beautiful South Indian girl you will think twice before speaking to her in Hindi or any regional language. Right? But folks go ahead speak to her in Hindi, she will definitely respond “fluently”.

Chennai Express


3. South Indians are not sports lovers

Yes, South Indians do not take part in cheering of their share in the Cricket World Cup. But then are much keen for the FIFA! Yes, so what? Everyone has their choices. It is democracy, after all.

John Abraham


4. NO, not all South Indians are ‘Madrasis‘. Did you read that? ‘NO’, in capitals.

A real cliché which is being carried further through generations. (Swear that you didn’t search for it at the first place? Yes you did.) If you are a south Indian, you are definitely going to thank us for differentiating your reference as Malayalis, Kannads, Tamils, or the Tullus. But if you are not, then no, congratulations, as you are still thinking that we mentioned all of these about MADRASIS.
P.S.  Madrasis only belong to Chennai (T.N), rest of them have their own regions, fellas.


5. Not all South Indians are Math geniuses

A Parent: “Any difficulty with Math? Beta, why don’t you contact that Madrasi friend of yours?” Nope! Not necessary, people some fail miserably in math (and hate that subject too) and perform brightly in arts.



6. South Indians eat rice – for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and supper

The staple food is rice down South. Rice also means dosa, idli and uttapa to the rest of the parts of the country. But that in no way means that South Indians won’t survive without having them. Many south Indians are non-vegetarians! In fact they eat almost everything on earth. They are hell foodies! And will make others eat like they do too. Mind it!

alia bhatt


7. South Indians don’t drink anything except coffee

Talking about food, the only beverage south Indians are connected to after kaapi (coffee), is rum, scotch and variety of whiskies. This is a stereotypical attribute as to they are born drinkers. We also love drinking just the way all of you do.

Deepika Padukone


8. South Indians are gold fanatics

It is a general perception that the Yellow metal roars in any South Indian wedding. If the bride is not wearing gold in a heavy amount around her neck, it is a huge deal for many of them (love marriage to be precise). Wrong! Correction please; fashion changes with time, so do south Indians’ style statements. They always believe “keep it simple, silly!”

Alia Bhatt


9. The  South Indian wedding perceptions

Talking of marriages, South Indian guys are perceived to be tall, dark and handsome, and hell yeah, of a real dominating nature. That is why at times the South Indian girls also prefer men from other dwelling. But wait! With ladies getting more power, importance and exposure this trend is fading with time.



10. South Indians are certified nerds

All intelligent South Indians do not end up being in front of computers making software and mugging up programs. They all are not nerds; they even do gigs, some sing, some paint some even act. Life has more interesting options for us also, yaar.

AR Rahman


11. South Indians strive solely on coconut oil

It’s not that we solely strive on it, but it’s just that we love it. “You eat food made in coconut oil? We apply it to our hair.” It’s healthy, dude. C’mon, compared to rest of the oils, Coconut oil, milk, scrap, all are real healthy stuffs. Try adding them to your food, (which some really do, secretly) you can truly know how tasty the food turns out to be. It seriously keeps you  healthy and stout too.



12. Mallus are hugely found in the Middle East Asia

Mallus, attention! If you got a job offer in the Middle East (especially Dubai and Muscat), is there anyone left who hasn’t told you, ”Surely you can easily get adjusted there, you must be having a lot of relative there, no?” The person applying would be thinking thrice about which relative is they are pointing to.

Emma Watson


13. South Indian men can wear nothing else but lungis

South Indians are proud lungi owners, the renowned ‘lungi dance’ has further proved it too. Agreed, but the fact is that anyone who needs to have a ‘special’ comfort zone wears them. The South Indian men are OK with that. It’s not that they can’t wear anything else.

lungi dance


14. South Indians are die hard Rajnikanth fans by default

“Being a South Indian, how can you not be a Rajnikath fan? How? How? How? (*insert a thousand more hows here*)”. Yes, some are not! They might have never watched any of his films too. But don’t be disappointed, those ‘unliker- lots’ are fewer in number though.

Rajinikanth Photos in Kochadaiyaan


15. South Indian girls are bound to have curly hair

Oily and curly hair marks them out of a crowd being a South Indian girl! In today’s cost effective salons and straightening tools, do you think you can really identify them with that protocol anyhow?



So yes, after pointing out all the clichés that we South Indians come across on a highly regular basis, I’m feeling pretty good! If you could connect to any of these points, do share the article. And if I am missing out on any, I would love to know in the comments section below!

Written by Divya Krishnan