A family lives on this off-grid floating home with green houses and they are having the best time of their lives

Freedom Cove is a magnificent off-grid float-home and garden only accessible by boat. The floating house is artists, Catherine King and Wayne Adams’s and their two kids, Eleanor and Alistair’s abode in Clayoquot Sound, BC. Anyone who loves to go off the grid and live a harmonious life with the nature and its surroundings, can contact Catherine and Wayne to inquire about entering their perfect system.

Freedom Cove is located in the coastal inlets of Cypress Bay, and reaching here involves a half-hour boat ride off the coast of Tofino.


Their floating home and garden system is constructed with 12 platforms, with a few wooden structures, living spaces, and greenhouses. Everything is interconnected through a wooden pathway system.

Freedom Cove

Rainy winters are a source of water supply for them. During summers, their supply comes from a waterfall across the bay.Freedom Cove the sea

Energy supply comes from solar panels and photovoltaic energy generators. 

The many greenhouses are their source of veggies and fruit all year round. Their system has been sustaining itself for the last 20 years!

Freedom Cove 4

Wayne and Catherine share their colourful home with deer, wolves, otters, who often nibble at their house’s corners and a plethora of large coastal birds. 

Freedom Cove ss

Artists, Wayne and Catherine have their carvings and candles stocked in various gift shops across Tofino, particularly around the Long Beach area. Catherine takes care of their gardening initiative and is a a painter, writer and wood carver.

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