This big cat embracing her adoptive daddy after years is the most beautiful thing you will see today!

Those who say animals can’t feel love are blessed with weak minds! This video is an answer to the people who think wild cats can only hunt and not feel love towards us humans.

Rescued by Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation in Mexico, Kiara is a big cat who after years of separation still remembered her first adoptive daddy, Adolfo. Of course, everyone was concerned whether she will remember her daddy but in a few seconds everyone could make out she remembered Adolfo. Their bond seems unbreakable as when this little girl saw her daddy she jumped on him with love and joy and did not let him go away from him for a second.

adolfo with kiara

The moment Kiara heard Adolfo’s voice from outside her cage, she moved around confused and then went towards the cage door to meet him. Aww…she remembered the sound of his voice! 

when kiara saw her adoptive dad coming

As soon as Adolfo entered her cage, she threw herself at him with joy to give him a the biggest bear hug.

when kiara met her daddy

And the two fell to the ground. Of course, she din’t care about her weight and Adolfo’s face looked the happiest face on the earth. 

when kiara met her daddy cuddling

Next, she held him and showered him with her affection. The tightest embrace!

when kiara met her daddy - playing

This seemed like her favourite leg as she played  with it for long. 

kiara wither her adoptive master

Kiara looked like she did not want him to leave her now. She was enjoying the most beautiful moment of her life as she reunited with her daddy. 

kiara wither her adoptive dad in an embrace

After taking a short break, she jumped on Adolfo again to play with him. 

kiara drinking water

Major “aww moment”!

adolfo with kiara aww

Watch how Kiara reacted after she saw her daddy darling! 

This video made your day!