Artist replaces ex’s photos with hot celebrities and the result is awesome

When Kaitlin Kelley’s friend joked about replacing Kaitlin’s ex-boyfriend in her pictures with celebrities, she took it seriously!with richard branson and tyson beckford

LA-based photographer and TV writer, Kaitlin now runs a service of replacing her clients’ exes from their old memories with famous celebrities through her website. Her service is a great way for anyone to get rid of those awkward pictures and getting over the exes. Kaitlin removes the exes and photoshops hot celebrities in the pictures.

wiht jamie dornan

“It’s really fun for me to turn kind of awkward memories into another kind of awkward, yet fun and silly, memory.” she told Buzzfeed.

with megan fox

Thank god, we have an artist who can help us keep our wonderful pictures and even make us feel funny about them.

Andrew Garfield

Kaitlin has been working for her friends who are happy with her great service.

with sam heughan

Now, anyone can look at their old pictures and feel great about them. No hiding old pictures with exes in the closet!

Cobie Smulders

Who would have imagined herself with Tom Hiddleston in a nice embrace!


Meet Kaitlin Kelly, the artist who will make your old sad memories look cute and funny. She definitely aims at making all hearts smile. 

kaitlin kelley