This is how a fake Hollywood actor fooled star struck people

It might be very hard for us to accept it, but many of us are star struck. Whenever we come across a star in real life, we go crazy behind them and all of a sudden, we start taking their pictures and ask for their autographs.

It is interesting to note that when in public a celebrity appears, even if everyone hasn’t got a glimpse of it, there is a huge rush. The reason is that a few people start following them and everybody else blindly follows. Sometimes most of the people don’t even know who they’re following.

This video by Varun Pruthi is a wonderful attempt to show how badly some people are star struck, so much so that they didn’t even know who the celebrity was, but they madly started following him and clicked pictures. At the end, he gives out a message that if one believes in self, he/she doesn’t have to prove it to the world, the confidence speaks for itself!