30 types of friends you have surely come across in your life

Friends are the closest people after parents. A bunch of friends with whom we share all our dark secrets, fears, fuss and bitter truths are the most important part of our life. Friendship remains with you always. But not all friends are alike!  We are sure you might have encountered many friends who think different and act different than yours. Let’s read what we have categorized:

1. The surname friend

There’s always a friend in our group who is well known because of his/her surname. Often it was weird to hear his/her full names from someone; and our face turns into a question mark for a sec and then we realise: Are ye to apna Choudhary hai…!



2. The Bhikhari friend

We know this sounds a little disrespectful but there are always one or two friends who would seldom say, “guys it’s my treat today.” Despite we pay on behalf of them on many occasions, they somehow manage to never have money!



3. The show off friend

“Oh yes, that’s converse written on my t-shirt”, while talking to friends in a room this categorized friend would never put the Ray-ban wayfarers off his face. And forget not the last incident when he/she poured water on denim himself/herself to prove, “Oh it’s okay, that’s my wrangler water repellent one.”

Alia Bhatt


4. The prankster friend

Remember in school days, some smart mischievous friends were very good at tying the shoe laces with the co-bencher? Being successful was mission ‘puncture-professor’s-vehicle’ their favorite activity. Singing loud while driving, cracking jokes on passers and creating fake havoc are some of their coolest activities!



5. The always hungry friend

Your food is never being wasted when such an incredible friend is in your group, but sometimes your plate goes empty without your knowledge. This hurts badly, we know, especially when you are too hungry and there is nothing left. This friend can wat anything and everything which is somewhere close to being edible!

hungry friend


6. The Sardar friend

This friend is the one who does ‘Balle Balle’ in all the happy-sad stories of yours and you feel secured. Yes, we’re talking about the Sardar or Jatt friend. He’s the one to be given all the credit for your Dadagiri!

Sardar friend


7. The studious friend

“Did you watch Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer? It’s amazing.” “I missed yesterday’s episode of Roadies, what’s the catch?” “It’s mind-numbing, let’s go hangout?” The answer for all these questions is ‘NO’ and that friend of yours is always into his/her books once back from classes. Still, we do love him/her unconditionally!



8. The bunker friend

“Oh shit!! Professor Singh ka class hai, bolte hai toh neend aati hai”. “I have got some important business to do. Bye guys, enjoy.” “I don’t need to attend the classes and waste my precious time to get good marks, vo toh bajuwale se mil jayenge, exam main.’  This class bunker friend of ours spends much of time sitting in parking rather in class. I am pretty sure, he/she is the who has influenced you to bunk most of the times.

Class bunker


9. The movie freak friend

There is always that one friend in your group, who has the tickets of  first day first show of every possibly existent movie, whenever you approach him/her. Be it any movie, they have complete knowledge on the movie plots as it their religion to follow all the movies blindly.

Movie Freaks


10. The gaali dene waala (swearing) friend

“The entire day I was working like an *******, what does my ******* boss think of himself?” “I just want to change this ******* job!” The moment you approach your friend, advice him/her to at least look around before swearing, and you’re bound to get a,‘Abe tu kya dimaag ki **** kar raha hai?” These kinds of friends are exactly the ones who’ll deliberately swear when you get a call from your home!



11. The tip top friend

We are sure, there’s always one such friend in a group who steps out only if he/she is tip top from top to toe.  Cool hairstyle, perfect pair of clothes and the best footwear – all these just make us realize that they are much more fashionable than us, though that hardly matters, right?

Tip top


12. The guitar friend

Aha, this friend is everyone’s favorite. Hanging out at band stand with friends facing the sea, especially with the Guitar friend and listening to his/her music along with vocals is so cool. Who would not like having one such friend? These kind of friends apparently get a lot of attention from the opposite sex!



13. The engineer by birth friend

Remember our Ranchhod Das Shyamal Das Chanchad Aka Rancho Aka Phunsukh Wangdu? We do have such mechanic friends in our group, don’t we? Be it your old CD player, or your smartphone – anything can be repaired when these kind of friends are around!



14. The Encyclopedia friend

This friend is a must to have in all groups. If you don’t have an Internet connection or dictionary at the time of an assignment, ask this Encyclopedian to sit beside you and the job is done!



15. The Grammar Nazi friend

Sometimes, we just have to put all our attention to concentrate on what exactly that English Grammar Nazi friend just spoke. Well, we find it later form dictionary but when this English Master is around you, we feel that we know very little. Not only that, he/she is always up correcting all your grammetical errors which we don’t even want to start how irritating is. Okay fine, grammatical errors. I give up!



16. The gunda (goon) friend

There’s always that one friend, on whose name we feel like we can rule the world. Did someone misbehave with you or broke your heart? All you need to do is make a sad face as if you can’t live anymore or just burst into tears in front of your ‘Gunda’ friend, and see the results! He’ll go there, beat the crap out of the guy and tell you what a gem of a friend he/she is!

Gunda friend


17. The mediator friend

These days in the newly born love relationships, it is almost impossible for one to progress without the help of a third party. Be it conveying any message, passing chocolates, gifts or a fake story which has to be made public, the mediator friend is like a special avenger. We know how important they are!




18. The spoiler friend

A plan spoiler friend has a habit of cancelling the plan or a change of mind which leads to a wave of anger and disappointment in the group. Trust us, such friends should be invited last, we just mean to say, a precaution? And the worst thing is, they have an incredible talent to cancel the plans at the last moment!



19. The superstitious friend

Remember the song from 3 idiots song? “Agarbatiyan Khahk ho gayi, god to phir bhi dikha nahi”, that happens a lot. Trust us, this is nothing, we also come across friends who tie a bond with god say, “O God, if you let me pass the final result, I promise I will walk without footwear for a month wherever I go”. We know it’s too irrational, but it exists! Somehow we’re still friends with such people!



20. The helper friend

We all are so aware of this popular phrase “A Friend in need is a friend indeed”, actually what we believe is no need to frame any phrase to explain the meaning of friend, just a word ‘friend’ explains all and that can be anyone.



21. The photographer friend

Often there comes a situation when one of your friend is always absent in photographs though he/she had accompanied you. This happens because either they are busy collecting the memories in their camera or taking your photographs. Poor friend, but talented one! They’re must haves in all the groups!

ranbir kapoor


22. The selfie friend

This particular type of friends are so obsessed with clicking pictures that even when they go to a washroom, they have to click a picture. It doesn’t end here. They take multiple shots to get the best click.



23. The wannabe friend

These are the ones who have big dreams or goals to achieve. “I will be the richest business man on earth”, “I will be the most sexiest women in the universe”, “I want to be an actress”, etc. are all general things that these friends keep on saying, thousand times a day at least.

Want to be


24. The gossip friend

The gossip friends are always worried about what’s happening in someone else’s life, what they have said, done and blah blah! Too irritating sometimes, but we are sure this way you get to know so many happenings around you. They’re undoubtedly the ultimate source of any kind of information that you can look for!



25. The Siddha Banda (gullible) friend

A friend who would never like to laugh when the others are pulling someone’s leg, this ‘siddha banda’ of ours also doesn’t know how to say ‘NO’, and this is the reason that the poor thing often gets sandwiched between people’s demands.



26. The Bootlegger friend

Another important friend of ours, actually let us call them VVIP friend for those living in dry states. “Anytime friend, anything for you, just ping me and it’s arranged”. How sweet it is, love to get such a friend. People in dry states would know their importance!



27. The ridiculously handsome/beautiful friend

We all have this particular friend with ridiculous good looks that would make us look like shit. What hurts more is that even though we try our best to make them look bad, somehow they’ll manage to look awesome.

photgenic Barney Stinson



28. The generous friend

Also called as a “Saint”, this one is extraordinarily generous by heart. Find out the most generous friend of yours and ask your favourite thing which he already has. God knows, he might give it to you!



29. The lover friend

We are sure that there is a presence of this type of friend in every group. There should be something personal to talk on. Listening to their love story, how and when they met, and other such mushy stuff is all they can talk about. Many times they inspire us to proceed on the same path!



30. The sex guru (teacher) friend

This particular friend can talk the nastiest things you could not even imagine. You can also ask them any sexual question and they’ll be more than happy to answer. BTW, we would say you should not be hesitant to ask question about sex and discuss it openly. In this case, ignorance is not a bliss, but a disaster!

sex guru


We are sure you are already grinning after reading this list. Do share the list with your friends who fall into any of these categories. By the way, which type of friend are you?

Written by Bhakti Patel