25 awesome places you must visit during monsoon in India

Monsoon blesses the land with emerald verve and showers relief to flora and fauna. India, known for its diversity in culture, religion, languages and race is not behind in spreading the magic of its diversity in splendid towns and cities located in the four corners of the country. Being the home of 29 states and 7 union territories, India has varied flavors combined into one. India has always been a destination to peg for an explorer irrespective of the seasons; however, the diversified country turns into paradise in the rainy season which falls in June-September in most of the places. Let’s haul together the delightful locations that India has:

Monsoon destinations in North India

1. Mussorie

A hill station you would just not wait to visit. Mussorie, a hill station blessed with the greeneries of flora is located in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. This hill station, also known as ‘The Queen of Hills’ has several beautiful sceneries. The Bhatta falls, Jharipani falls and Kempty falls are a must visit water streams. So, plan a visit to Mussorie and enjoy the family/friends time and get amused with various water ponds.



2. Kausani

Another hill station of Uttarakhand is known for its unique beauty. The awe-inspiring hill station is blessed to embrace the spot to witness panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks like Trishul, Nandadevi and Panchchul. There are only few places in Himalayas which can be compared to the beauty of Kausani.



3. Manali

The lavish snow covered mountains enclosed by green landscapes is a scenic beauty of this hill station located in Himachal Pradesh. Best known and admired for its trekking, this hill station is a mission for the adventurous people in the monsoon.



 4. Ranikhet

This small hill station of Uttarakhand is sanctified with the lush green forests, pleasant climate and view to majestic Himalayan Mountain. The home to Garhwal Himalaya is a scenic splendor because of its flower national park valley which has fragrance of endemic alpine flowers and additional flowers.



5. Shoja

Unknown to many, this small hill station is just 69kms from the district of Kullu and 5kms from Jalori pass in Himachal Pradesh. Beauty of unending sloppy green forest, snow covered mountains, and thick woods would just sway you to halt in the paradise for the entire monsoon.



Monsoon destinations in East India

6. Darjeeling

One of the main tourist spots of West Bengal is a small town of Darjeeling. This petite town is well known for its bountiful green tea gardens and the breezy climate. Some of the attractions of Darjeeling are Darjeeling-Rangeet Valley Passenger Cable Car, Darjeeling monastery, trekking and river rafting. One of the favorite destination of Bollywood directors, this is a must visit place.



7. Shillong

Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya state of India is surrounded by picturesque Khasi hills and Jayanti hills, adorned by copious waterfalls and a spot to view natural stunning sceneries. Big lakes, rolling hills, deep valleys and natural beauty are gifts that Meghalaya is blessed with.



8. Cherapunji

Being the wettest place on earth, it is in a must visit list of adventurous minds. There’s only one season in Cherapunji, and that’s Monsoon, leaving the place to tourists for 365 days. The land covered with emerald beauty articulate the magnificence of scenery and the natural bridges made of tree branches are of great attractions.



Monsoon Destinations in South India

9. Munnar

The most sought out destination of monsoon in Kerala state of India is Munnar. It is a hill station, and if you ask me, it’s a favorite spot for honeymoon. The green luscious land covered with silver hue fog is more like an imagination. So, all one needs to do is depart for Munnar and walk on the wet black roads passing through the emerald gardens covered with silver fog.



 10. Alleppey

Alleppey, a city in the state of Kerala is known for its Shikara, a boat house. Its scenic beauty, canals, lagoons, beaches and backwater have credited the small town with a beautiful tiara: “Venice of East”. The lush green land, coconut trees, beautiful lakes, rain drops, the chirping of birds and a ride of house boat is an incredible combination. I am sure you would not like to miss this spot of divinity.

Blue sky in Alleppey.


 11. Wayanad

A small district of Kerala, set high on Western Ghats is much popular for its lakes, dam and mountain. The Karaphuza Dam and Pookhode Lake are breathtaking with its lush green shores. With the mountain peaks like Chembra, Banasura and Brahmagiri, it becomes a favorite destination for adventurous travelers for hiking and trekking routes.



 12. Kumarakom

A must visit destination for people in search of peace. To know why Kerala is called “Gods own Country”, you ought to visit the green Kumarakom, decorated with the largest freshwater lake Vembanad lake and the beautiful birds in the sanctuary. You must also try the boat house rides to capture panoramic view of the heavenly gorgeousness.



13. Coorg

Coorg, also known as Kodagu is rated as one of the top hill station of Southern India. A synthesis of beauty and spirituality of Coorg makes it a destination of serenity. The cold breeze, pleasant climate, the indigenous Coffee and the spiritual touch of The Tibetan Buddhist Golden Temple, and Brahma Temple, one of the only two in India leaves you in Spectacular dream world.



14. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal, a beautiful destination of Tamilnadu state has its own harmonic beauty. Due to several scenic natural beauties, Kodaikanal is a romantic destination for the newlyweds. The Kodaikanal Lake and Bryant Park are the reason for spreading colorful joy when rains, garden flowers and rainbow meet at a spot. The hill station popularly known as “The Gift of Forest” is also a destination, where you can hire a horse and bicycle for a ride. So horse ride lovers, imagine horse riding in this monsoon madness!



15. Ooty 

A short name given to Udhagamandalam is a wonderful hill station located in the Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu. Lofty mountains, thick forests, sprawling grasslands, grand lakes, miles of tea gardens and eucalyptus trees acknowledge the visitors in route to Ooty. The Government Rose garden, the botanical garden and Ooty lakes would make you forget all the tensions of world. If you get opportunity to visit this beautiful hill station don’t forget to have the indigenous tea!



Monsoon Destinations of West India

16. Lonavla

A perfect destination for a group of friends and family is this small hill station of Pune. Beautiful waterfalls, the scenic green beauty of Western Ghats, several ponds, and the Carla and Bhaja caves make you feel heavenly when you visit Lonavla. It is advisable to visit this tiny hill station during or post monsoon, as that ignites the beauty of nature more profoundly.



 17. Khandala

One of the twin hill stations of Pune, Khandala is just 3 kilometers away from its twin Lonavla. Though a lower heighted hill station compared to others, this small town is very popular amongst youngsters. This place serves a wonderful weekend for those living in Pune and Mumbai. Don’t forget the Bhushi Lake to grab the opportunity of relaxing in Mother Nature’s lap.



 18. Panchgani

In love with rain and greeneries? You must visit Panchgani, a tiny hill station nestled in the Sahyadri ranges located 285 kilometers away from Mumbai. Not so famous amongst newlyweds but you can surely spend hours to days with these emerald coated hills. You can climb Sydney Point and Parsi Point just to see clouds talking to the Western Ghats.



19. Mahabaleshwar

With its evergreen forests feature, this tiny hill station of Maharashtra has lured many visitors. Its beautiful streams making its way from the Western Ghats are eye-catching. If you have not visited Mahabaleshwar, do not miss it, as it has the beauty of Venna Lake surrounded with trees, and famous for its view of two reservoirs, Balakwadi and Dhom.



20. Konkan

An emerald coated coastline of India covering the coastal districts of Maharashtra and Goa is a scenic splendor. The 720 kilometers stretched beauty has the amalgamation of luscious green Western Ghats and enormity of Arabian Sea. You can imagine how wonderful can be your presence in this serene grandeur of nature.



21. Mount Abu

Mount Abu, the only hill station of Rajasthan is located in the Aravalli range of the State. It is a retreat in monsoon for visitors from the scorching heat of Rajasthan and neighbor Gujarat. The Nakki Lake and the Sunset of Mount Abu are the sightseeing destinations of the hill station.

Mount Abu


 22. Jaipur

After the deadly summer of Rajasthan, it’s the time monsoon shower its blessings on Jaipur. The historical city with its beautiful fort rejuvenates in the rainy season. So, if you wish to see a Jaipur far more attractive and fruitful, monsoon is the time!



23. Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh is a Mewar fortress of Rajasthan. This world heritage site turns alive in monsoon with speaking about its historical event. The ancient history lovers would surely love this destination as it takes you to the bygone time of the past.



24. Saputara

The only hill station of Gujarat, Saputara holds a large number of visitors in monsoon. It is popularly known for sightseeing and its emerging exquisiteness during rains. The Saputara Lake surrounded by greenery makes it pleasurable to sail in a paddle boat and Hatgad fort adds enthusiasm in the trekking lovers.



25. Champaner

Champaner, not a hill station but a small city where you would find the amalgamation of monuments enveloped in nature. The famous Champaner fort of the state is just 47 kms away from Vadodara. It is a best hang-out place for youngsters and friends residing in the nearby areas in monsoon as it brings a million dollar smile and pompous feeling when you are blessed with the aroma of wet mud while bearing in mind the historical endeavor.



We are already in mid monsoon, and beauty across India is inviting you to visit it and know the exquisiteness and supremacy of Nature. So, what’s your destination this monsoon? Do let us know in the comments section below and share the article with your loved ones to spread this immense joy of monsoon!

Written by Bhakti Patel