Here’s why your mom is the employee of the year

Most of us belong to the working class of this society, we whine about salaries, colleagues, managers, canteen’s coffee, and what not? But this one special employee, who works 24*7, 356 days a year, in any worst condition, never asks for a sick leave, and only wants one remuneration which is your love and that employee of the year is your MOM.


As this video perfectly describes a mother’s love, Sharman Joshi will explain you why moms are the hardest working employees. So, hug her tight everyday before you leave home or come from the office, have a good talk with her everyday – personally or over the phone, because when she puts down that phone she never says bye but will keep worrying for you. That is a mother’s love, even though you will never be able to match it, you can at least give some back.

So hear all the praises about the most ethical employee around in this video shared by Sharman Joshi, even though they deserve all the trophies and medals there are, they still chose to be the unsung hero.

Could there be anyone else’s love and dedication as selfless as your mom?