15 all-time romantic movies to watch in this lovely weather

The cool breeze and cloudy days say nothing but suggest you have a great time with your partner. The gorgeous weather tricks you to take the wheel and head straight to the highway to have a warm cup of tea followed by cosy hugs.

If you can’t go for a long drive or a rooftop café to enjoy the romantic weather, cuddle each other tight, snuggle in the sheets, grab a bowl of popcorn and enjoy these 15 highly soulful romantic flicks.

1. An affair to remember 
The most beautiful romantic movie ever! If you both love classics, this is ‘it’. Let the classic romance rain on you.

An Affair to Remember

2. Sleepless in Seattle
How did you fall in love? Your gut told you she/he is the one? You will have a superb time watching how destiny finally connects two soul mates even when there are so many odds in life.

sleepless in settle

3. A lot like love
You never knew you will fall in love with each other. She knows your deepest secrets and you know hers and still you went back to each other seeking love. Because it is a lot like love!

a lot like loveSource

4. The Notebook
Your love is as crazy as you are for each other. This is ‘your’ movie!

The Notebook

5. Silver Linings playbook
You looked at her and you knew she is the silver lining in the cloudy night.


6. Moulin Rouge
It is not high school musical. A mature romantic musical film that will make you fall in love again. The best line from the movie – Come what may, I will love you until my dying day.

moulie rouge

7. A walk to remember
You will watch this movie a hundred times if you are single. If you are a couple and you still plan to watch the movie, please don’t discuss what one of you would do if anyone of you dies.

a walk to remeber

8. Dirty Dancing 
Relive the days when you found love in being together.

Dirty Dancing

9. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
This classic will get really over whelmed with love and happiness. Audrey Hepburn does this all the time.

Breakfast at tiffney

10. When Harry Met Sally
Your life has been a roller-coaster since you met each other and you love this about your relationship.

When harry meets sally

11. In the mood for Love
You both are a Wong Kar-wai fan couple? Watch this beautiful movie with soulful tracks that play in the backdrop and be happy to have found each other.

In mood for love

12. Titanic
We know you want to watch it together.


13. You have got a mail
Love happens and it is really-really addictive!
You have got a mail

14. P.S. I Love You
This movie grows on you.
PS I Love you

15. My blueberry nights!
This one really makes you feel love!

Blueberry Nights

Go ahead, plan to watch a movie from this list together and do share how you liked it in the comments below. Till then, ciao!

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