You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see why this girl faked a perfect vacation

Planning to have a trip to your dream destination, but you are short on funds? Don’t worry, all you need is a good camera and you are good to go. If you think that it is not possible and you need more than just a camera to travel to the other part of the world, then you need a good lesson from Zilla, as she can teach you how to travel the world without spending those big moolas and without losing your house’s comfort.


I am sure, all this is not making any sense right now, but keep reading, because what you are going to see further is just going to toss your mind off. Moving further, you will see all these beautiful photos of Zilla having a vacation in such mesmerizing locations which might leave you jealous. But wait! All these photos are FAKE!


Zilla van den Born, a 25 year old photography student tricked her family and friends into believing that she was spending 3 weeks in the South Asia Pacific as a part of a college project.

Fake vacation

While what she actually did was, she stayed back home and made this grand skeptical illusion to fool everyone. All these images are digitally manipulated, and whatever you are seeing is nothing but a mirage.

thailand greenSource

All done was not to purely deceive anyone, but the main aim behind such a charade was to show how models in fashion magazines are molded to such an extent that what you see on that page is not a real person but some imaginary body, which sets standard, people labor behind to achieve.

thailand trip

So what this photo-shoot explains is that it is easy to present a lie, but if you’re really smart enough, it won’t be able to get through your mental armor.

So even though the way to show this was decisive, the intentions were all correct. Therefore, the next time you dream to look like Angelina Jolie on a Vogue magazine, just remember, even she can’t look like that in real life!

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