You will be able to flip the finger on Windows 10 with this cute middle finger emoji

Microsoft has decided to modify and add newer emojis in Windows 10 and the best of them is “the middle finger”. A relief for all of who have been tired typing “FO” on their computers. This one emoji is enough to give an instant response whenever needed. :)

middle finger

Microsoft has also introduced different skin tones. So it becomes for any user to become more expressive.

skin toned
Middle Finger Emoji in default gray, and the diverse skin tone options

Impressive, right?

“The middle finger emoji was approved as part of Unicode 7 in mid-2014, yet has curiously remained absent from iOS, OS X, Android, and Windows. Until now.” according to Emojipedia.

Here are the other emojis set to come along with the middle finger one.


                                Face With OK Gesture With Black Skin Tone, Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended,

                                                 Flushed Face,  Information Desk Person With Cream White Skin Tone

As Windows 10 is in the beta phase, currently the release of these emojis is expected in July 2015.