Bollywood celebs who came out for Salman Khan’s support have some outrageous things to say

So Salman Khan got the verdict for his 2002 hit and run case today. He was charged of being guilty. The quantum of punishment is likely to be announced tomorrow and it looks like it could be as long as 10 years. Sessions court called Salman Khan guilty under culpable homicide, was driving under the influence of alcohol.

Yes, we all know what a good human being Salman is and we cannot forget about all the charity that he does. The Bollywood fraternity came out on Twitter to show him support, and I couldn’t help cringing at some of them. Here’s what Abhijeet and Farah Khan Ali had to say –

So from what they are saying, do you think any sane person would want to sleep on the footpaths for fun? Supporting him and giving your opinion is OK, but this? I am out of words to describe how disgusted I feel for these celebrities who are well settled and rich, but think so poorly of those who aren’t.

Where on one had we all feel bad for Salman Khan, let’s not forget the man who lost his life and the 4 others who got terribly injured because of this.