The deadly selfie trend turns out to be a serial killer!

Selfie, a self clicked photograph has gotten many selfie admirers to some serious thinking. After the recent incident of the teenager killing himself while taking a selfie, we have another selfie attacked couple who cost their lives while taking a selfie, leaving their 5 and 6 years old kids behind.

A simple way of taking photograph is nowadays so popular that people discover new ways to take a unique selfie from their cellphones’ front camera. The trend has also lured celebrities like Barack Obama, Nina Dobrev, Kim Kardarshian, Narendra Modi and Pope Francis also take out time from their busy schedule to take selfies. People are so excited to stand extraordinary among Facebook, Twitter and Instagram crowd that the danger howling over their heads is unseen.

In a recent incident, a Polish couple died while taking a selfie right in front of their 5 and 6 year kids who watched them falling off the cliff in Cabo da Roca on the west coast of Portugal, a popular tourist destination near Lisbon in Portugal. The selfie related fatalities are growing in number these days. An Italian girl plunges 60 feet to death as she tried to take a selfie. Another horrific case of deadly selfie was reported in March.21-year-old Spanish man died after he climbed a stopped train to take a selfie with friends. He was stuck to death by a high-voltage electrical wire.


The Cliff of  Cabo da Roca where the couple tried to take the deadly selfie

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I guess it’s high time to cool down on taking selfies or it’s better to live long without taking dangerous selfies than hugging death while doing some stupid stunts.  Do share this article among your friends and spread the awareness to be careful while taking a selfie.

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