This video is a must watch for women who want to bring a change!

We often have come across news about women being harassed by men on streets, colleges, gardens or office. The victims are either women from the other nation, our own state, city, your friend, sister or it could be you, what women do always is ignore the guy to avoid any sadism. However, is that correct? Won’t that encourage other men to do the same?

This small real life incident of a Bangalore girl has passed a message to women across the world. The guy tried to eve tease the girl while jogging in the garden. The brave girl chased him, caught him and forced him to kneel down, kicked him and asked dare not to repeat the same. With the help of her friend she recorded this incident and has posted the same on Facebook leaving a strong message for women. She wrote, “I am posting this video for women to know that change will happen only when we want it to happen!”

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She is absolutely right. I am sure the guy who was kicked off would never dream of teasing a women. So, women across the world get a motivation to apply it in your life.

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Written by Bhakti Patel