From this 15th August, let’s START and let’s STOP doing these 14 things

India, the second largest populated country and the largest democracy of the world is appreciated by many for diverse grounds. We all know how India traveled through roads in the midst of spears, stones and death wandering on head to reach 15th August 1947, our Independence. Happy Independence to all the Indians.

We have been growing in terms of literacy, sports, economy, etc. but there are some of the annoying things we Indians do, that demoralizes our country.

This 15th August, let’s take a vow and let’s START and STOP a few things which we should have, a long back. Let’s read how we can help India prosper in a better way with these 15 points:

1. We walk on the same road where we spit and litter. STOP your country from turning into trash!


2. I consume water, air and food to survive, and so do all. STOP discriminating among diverse social orders and religious convictions.

Indian diversitySource

3. Traffic rules are for our safety and smooth driving and not for the traffic policemen who stand hours and hours whistling and waving hands. START following the traffic rules – not for anybody else,  but for yourself.

Indian trafficSource

4. It’s always a great choice to study abroad but serving your own country has a great charm. START having faith in your contribution to India, which adds to its pride and prosperity.

India AbroadSource

5. Skin tone is the result of Melanin pigment present in your body and not due to any regional divisions of states. START believing in One Nation with diversified people.


6. The new born is boy or a girl is the result of the male chromosome ‘X’ or ‘Y’, not the women having ‘XX’ chromosome. STOP blaming women for producing a female child.

India ChromosomesSource

7. Every individual has his/her own liberty and choice; no woman in India is your property. START giving them respect and freedom.

Indian WomenSource

8. ‘SEX’ is a natural biological act. START taking it as a normal necessitate of all the living beings and STOP taking it as a taboo, this would decrease crime rate against opposite sex.

India sexSource

9. The national historical landmarks are the outcome of severe perseverance and patience; you have no right to spoil them. STOP scribbling your names on walls of any monuments.

Indian heritageSource

10. Every individual has unique approach of conversation, walking or behaving. May be some are physically or mentally challenged. You have no right to make fun of them or hurt them until it disturbs your personal liberty. START behaving like a civilized citizen of India.

Specially ableSource

11. Government placements are occupied on a certain criteria of education, percentage and the competence you possess. It is not your own company. STOP  assisting your illiterate kin to crack the job using the power of your government post.

Indian PoliticsSource

12. Public transport is made accessible for citizens’ benefits and trouble-free journey. Every state has enough transportation to fulfill the requirement. STOP exploitation of the vehicles by overriding them, scribbling your names on them and littering inside them.

Indian trasportationSource

13. Small family is a happy family. START believing in happy family and help your country prosperous by stopping at two children.

Over PopulationSource

14. Political leaders govern our country, when they announce free laptops, vehicles and reduced prices of eatabes; they do not give them from their own pocket. They are bought from our money. START giving rationale for significant issues and think a valid reason before you cast a vote to any particular leader.



You may not follow all the pointers mentioned above, but at least try following a few and spread the word. If some of these are viral across the nation, you will be proud of yourself. We all want a change; let’s begin from bringing a change in ourselves first.

So, STOP waiting and START sharing this article to make a difference from this 15th August 2014.

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