This cat proves that it is meant to rule and not being ruled

And you thought double identities only existed in David Dhawan’s movies? Well, you are in for a treat, because, this time we are not talking about a human playing a dual identity but a CAT! This cute little ball of fur is a cunny feline, known as Ming for the Alexzander family which originally adopted the cat in 2000. Since then the cat has been reported missing several times. In 2010 Ming disappeared completely without a trace leaving the family heartbroken. Quite  surprisingly, it returned after four years without a scratch and healthier than ever.

If you are wondering where the cat has been, well, be prepared to be surprised. The cat has been cheating on Alexzanders this whole time with another family. This sneaky little cat played the double identity on both the families- the other family in frame is the Smiths.
This clever little cat in spite of all the measures – including getting the cat micro chipped and collared, continued to disappear only to appear at the Smiths.


But this time when Ming went missing, the Alexzander family didn’t leave any stone un-turned in search of there little pet, with the only wish of its safe return. But what turned out of it was not their beloved cat but a lady called Glenda Smith, notifying about the cat, which apparently belonged to her and its name was not Ming but Cleo.

Where several cats are never adopted or have to remain stray, we have here a cute looking kitty who had two sets of families, two homes, and all along, nobody knew. Now that’s a perfect con, better than most of the humans, I can say.

Well, where disputes are about family property, business shares or even divorce alimony, here we have one for a cat, for which both Smith and Alexzander family are in custody battle of sorts to decide who gets this mischievous 15-years-old pussy. Local police had to intervene, but still no result has arrived.

As George Mikes perfectly explained “You can keep a dog; but it is the cat who keeps people, because cats find humans as useful domestic animals”. This cat just proved it.

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