Here’s the compilation of Ice Bucket challenges you won’t want to miss!

He took an Ice Bucket Challenge…..ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE! Did you see? No one cares! Similarly an act started as to increase awareness about ALS or also know as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease” has turned into some kind of a promotional gig for celebrities. It has become such a trend that people living in your neighborhood also must be joining the movement and taking up challenge without a single idea about what the disease stands for, or even how does it affect a person.

However, not only negative criticism has come up in this challenge; with help of this challenge many have come to know about the critical disease, and have helped the organization immensely. The ALS Association has received more than $10 million on Thursday, August 21, 2014 alone. And for the first time the cause has received this much of concern or attention. Well, Kudos to the people who are actually taking the cause seriously and donating the moolas without making a complete idiot of themselves.

If you have managed to see some videos, get ready to forget them because here’s a video on the best ice bucket challenges so far, which would take you into roars of laughter. You’ll be amazed to see how this guy perfectly describes the various ice bucket challenges taken by celebrities around the world and also some Ice bucket challenges gone terribly wrong. This shows exactly what people have made out of this challenge. 

Save ICE – Polar bears need it more! Instead, donate the money; you can always earn it again.