He didn’t have ALS, but the Ice Bucket Challenge took his life

What is ALS ice bucket challenge? The answer will be dumpling a bucket of ice water over your head, if not being able to do it, you have to make a donation in its name. Simple? Yes! Did it involve any complex trigonometry or algebra in it? No! Then why have people started seeing it as the next stunt? People have gone so mad about the challenge that they absolutely are ready to do anything, which apparently may or may not be helpful for the ALS patients, but yes, it would surely make one a YouTube star or a former living being.

Cameron Lancaster, 18, had to lose his life under this trend of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This young man jumped to death from a 80 feet cliff into a disused quarry containing water because he tried doing the Ice Bucket Challenge this way, instead of dumping a bucket of cold water over his head and donating. An 18 year old boy who was on his verge to start with his life, has ended it before he could experience the world. Even though due to these ice bucket challenges a lot of awareness has been spread around but still this wasn’t the price to pay for it.


ALS Ice Bucket challenge which was started as an admirable movement has turned into a bizarre charade of stupid stunts performed around the world just to gain a vague fame. What’s more unfortunate is that people are actually trying to compete against each other in a race of such ignorance, where everyone is trying their best to perform the challenge in as unique way as possible, which most of the time results into such fatal cases.

Stop being a complete imbecile and start donating money to the association or volunteer to help the ALS patients. Seriously, that will help them more than you dying of pneumonia.

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