This cute comic explains what it’s like to deal with depression and anxiety

Not everyone knows that depression and anxiety are two different illnesses. People who are trapped in years of depression and anxiety find it difficult to explain what its is like to be a patient of the two illnesses.

“I wish everyone knew that depression is not something that people can just ‘snap out of. I mean, if I could ‘snap out of it,’ I would have by now.”

When Sarah Flanigan, who has been fighting depression since she was 10 & anxiety since she turned 16, told her story to the creator of the famous comic The Awkward Yeti, Nick Seluk, he decided to tell her side of story in the form of cutesy illustrations to explain others what it is like to suffer from both depression and anxiety.

“I’ve been through and seen depression and anxiety in action, and thought Sarah’s story was so perfectly simple. We all get sick physically and mentally, but we need to be open to talking (and laughing) about [it],” Nick told Upworthy.

We think he is totally right! The comic is so simple, it will be easy for anyone to be able to connect with it and with the people in their lives who have depression and anxiety disorders.

I have depressionand anxiety disordersforce myself out of bedcant rally enegery to do anythingdepression-comic-nick-awkward-yetidepression-comic-nick-awkward-yeti and anxietydepression-comic-nick-awkward-yeti-drag me downdepression-comic-nick-awkward-yeti paranoiddepression-comic-nick-awkward-yeti-steal motivationdepression-comic-nick-awkward-yeti-on vacationdepression-comic-nick-awkward-yeti- i getdepression-comic-nick-awkward-yeti-stuff


depression-comic-nick-awkward-yeti-hours or daysdepression-comic-nick-awkward-yeti-i never knowdepression-comic-nick-awkward-yeti-back into battledepression-comic-nick-awkward-yeti-splash

Isn’t it sweet and easy to read and understand the two monsters that anxiety and depression are?