Baba Ramdev & Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh request civil aviation ministry for no-frisking privileges

Need VVIP privileges!

Baba Ramdev & Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh have been reported to have requested for ‘fast passage’. The two want to have the privilege to be exempted from frisking so they can carry their tridents (trishuls) with them.

Minister of State for Aviation, Mahesh Sharma confirmed that government has received the requests for ‘fast passage’ from MSG star Ram Rahim and Baba Ramdev (reported by Telegraph) separately.

He informed the sources he will take the decision “without any bias or prejudice and may accept (it) if it does not come in the way of security.”

Other trishul-dhari saints to have requested for exemption from security checks. Mahesh Sharma has indicated that the government might make the rules a tad relaxed for these gurus to carry their tridents in the aircraft.

The VVIPs enjoying the benefits of being in the no-frisking list include, PM, President and other dignitaries.

Baba Ramdev’s spokesperson has allegedly said that the request was made to save time and nothing else.

Robert Vadera is also in the no-frisking list and his name will not be dropped.

Self-styled godman Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s spokesperson has not confirmed anything about the request made.


Source: Telegraph